Wednesday, 14 November 2007

One Hundred Posts Awards & downloads

A while back Meg kindly gave me a blog award, it has taken me a while to get round to compiling my own award list and so, in no particular order, here are the jojoebi pure inspiration blog awards...

The Inspiational Senpei Award goes to Lindart for all her advice and encouragment over the last few months.

The Inspired Montessori Motivator Award goes to Meg of Montessori by Hand for constantly coming up with beautiful projects and ideas.

The Graphics Inspiration award goes to print & pattern who posts a wonderful array of new graphic designs from all over the world.

The Crafty Inspiring Orange Award goes to How about orange... who not only has a great taste in colour (yep, orange is my favourite too) but she also posts great links for projects and tutorials.

The Wonderful Personal Inspiration award goes to Kathy at Mikan Days, a truely remarkable lady. A mother of 4 who is battling cancer who shows such strength by writing about her life, if I am having a bad day I think of Kathy and it puts everything back into perspective.

To celebrate 100 posts I have put up the Montessori 3 part cards that I have made, just follow the instructions....

OK, go over to my flickr you should see a set called "3 part cards" on the right-hand-side, click on it. It will open a new page, click on the 3 part cards icon again.

Click on one of the pictures, to the right there is a link in blue "different sizes" click on the link

Above the picture it should say "download the medium size" you could use this but for better quality pictures click on the "original" size and then download it. (repeat for other files)

You should have the jpg file on you computer to print out as you like.....fingers crossed.
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