Friday, 21 November 2008

The Culture Swap

I know, I know the culture swap was months ago but I only just got round to taking the photos!
But first... I got this old box thing from Kym's shop, I am sure she won't mind me saying that it was a bit rough around the edges - to say the least but I figured I could do something with it.
So, a few coats of paint and about 3 weeks later, here is the treasure and secrets box thing.
Now, my plan is to use this as a weekly project box. I have decided one night a week to making things and putting together a project for the following week. I plan to use it for learning about different countries and cultures. To put in an actual items we have from the project country, a recipe to make together, flag and map work, CD of music, then any other things of interest I can dig up. 
I will have a good start because I had 3 excellent swap packages, Kari sent this lovely African package plus all her lesson plans and reading list from when she studied Africa with her kids.
Mina sent a fab package from Brasil, the towel with the pineapples was embroidered by her mom!
And last but not least Prena sent an Indian package, I managed to talk Ebi-kun out of  doing the included craft (I wanted to save it for our India week) but he did make me play snakes and ladders several times. This was a childhood favourite of mine too.
Thank you to my swap partners, this has been one of my favourite swaps so far! I have had lots of nice emails too from people telling me how much they enjoyed it and how great their swap packs were. thank you all for joining in the fun.
I don't have the time to organise another one this year and there are lots of festive swaps going on at the moment so the next one will be in the new year. I haven't planned a theme, so open to suggestions...
If you are one of the swappers from the culture swap and you have blogged about it, please post the link in the comment, so we can see what goodies you sent/received.

mommy2h blogged about her swap here.
Still time to sign up for the giveaway :o)
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