Tuesday, 8 December 2009


Not the best picture, sorry! We made all the Christmas postcards , Ebi-kun drew a picture of Santa and I carved it into a stamp, then between us we stamped away, we had to get a little tiger in there too since 2010 is the year of the tiger. We have got them all written too and did a massive trip to the post office on Sunday, I had 17 parcels (some were for the shop), a big pile of postcards and two parcels of goods that I had sold and were sending COD. I am sure the people behind us were wishing they hadn't bothered! One of the good things with the shop, is that I have sussed out the postal system, I now know exactly what to ask for and I can usually work out how much it is going to cost beforehand. If I had been more organised and got everything ready the a week earlier I could have sent most of the parcels via SAL and saved some money, I am sure I said the same thing last year!

I have also been busy making, I actually designed the pattern for these stockings last year but never got round to making them! This year I was determined and ordered some felt just for the job from the lovely Sarah at Paper-and-String.
I also joined Meg's holiday traditions swap again this year

Holiday Traditions Exchange 2009
I added a little Sarubobo to the stocking, Mairuru has a great tutorial on how to make them, I really liked how it turned out, might have to make some more...
Last night I cut out the fabric for the hobby horse I am making Ebi-kun, I can't wait to get started on it, but it is top secret so it is a 'wait until he is in bed' type of project. I am also planning to make him a new waterproof apron and some things to go in his dressing up chest, although I haven't really decided what yet. We did buy two poles for the hobby horse so he could have a spare for when friends come to play, we will see how the first one goes together before i cut out the second one!
Now the bulk of my gifts are sent, I feel like I can kick back and relax a bit, hubby booked us a hotel for a couple of nights over new year, up in the mountains - yeah SNOW, can't wait!

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  1. I love your stockings!!! So festive and cute! Hehe, the sarububu hanging on the stockign is just super cute!


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