Saturday, 10 March 2012

Muffin Tin Dinner and waffle...

The waffle being the non edible kind!
I have been rudely awaken twice in the last couple of nights by earthquakes, I think mother nature needs to give it a rest, at least so those in the north can get past the next few days, we certainly don't need any physical reminders of what happened, thank you very much!

I am still working on tidying up the blog a bit, the labels had got well out of hand so I have reduced the 109 I had to 15! That was a job and a half, I still have to re-label a lot of the old posts, there are over 1800 to go at but there is a page at the top 'tutorials' which I try to keep updated and the search box works really well. As I re-label the posts I will tag them with as much detail as possible to make searching for past posts easier. I know a number of you like to go back and look at the Montessori posts so I will try and get those done first. Please be patient, it is a mammoth of a job!

This bit is for those living in Saitama, if you are raising your children to be bilingual English/Japanese, I have moved the playgroup over to Facebook, we meet up for picnics, go camping, parties and big cultural events. Our only rules are that the family are raising their children to be bilingual (and speak native or almost native level English) and when we meet up we ONLY use English. If you are interested in joining click over to the Saitama English Playgroup.

This weeks MTD had no theme or the theme was 'what's in the fridge'?

Top L-R
grapes, pineapple, chocolate cake, broccoli pizza
mini tomatoes, broccoli pizza, black beans, pineapple
broccoli pizza, chocolate cake, grapes, string cheese- garlic flavor!

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