Thursday, 14 March 2013

Where do you hang out?

I am trying to expand my social media circles and would to have you in them, if you are not already one of the posse!

These are all my places to hang out, I am loving g+ at the moment, certainly prefer it over Facebook but FB is where most people seem to hang! Please jump in and connect, when you do, say hello!

I almost always sign up with the user name jojoebi so you can always use that to find me too.

RSS feed for the blog HERE

Facebook jojoebi designs and My Organized Chaos (would love to get 500 likes for MOC)

Flickr HERE

I also have an Imaganitive Play Community HERE (come and join us)

LinkedIn HERE (still trying to figure this one out!)

Pinterest HERE (you know I am addicted to this right?)

Twitter HERE

YouTube HERE (I don't hang out here!)

My Organized Chaos HERE

and Instagram HERE

I think that is it.... if you have a Facebook page you want me to 'like' leave the link in the comments section.
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