Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Meeting the cousins

Agh! Just found some more post from our holidays that i hadn't finished writing!

My step sister and family have been living in Greece almost as long as I have been over here and we've never been in the UK at the same time, until this summer that is. They have moved back to the UK and moved into a new house a close to my moms, a couple of days before we left.

So although they had only moved in the day before, we decended on them for a visit.  Ebi-kun and A have chatted a few times over skype, last time Ebi-kun was giving A origami lessons, very cute! They totally hit it off - here they are all giving my mom a massage, not sure if that was pleasure or pain!

Ebi-kun and A disappeared off upstairs to make loom bands and record tutorial videos!

And I got entertained by little M, who is two and a half but talks really well, she had me in stitches, cute as a button too.

Thanks to the likes of Skype, it doesn't feel like 13 years since I last met Lou in the flesh and there was no awkward half hour when the kids first met for the first time, I seem to remember that happening a lot as a kid when we would visit relatives that we only got to see say once a year.

We did really well as far as catching up with people went, I think we managed to squeeze almost everyone is, having a couple of family parties helped! Can't wait to do it all again next year.

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