Monday, 29 June 2015

Football crazy...

My dad was never into football so we never had that footie crazy family thing going on at home, feels a bit weird to be living in a footie crazy home now!

Ebi-kun does lads and dads footpal on a Saturday and organises games with his mates down at the park and he is always out on the street practicing his lifting, giving me some camera skills practice...

Not quite sure what is going on here though...

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Fun For Free - statue abuse!

I saw a post on somewhere like Buzzfeed a couple of weeks ago, basically with people doing stupid poses with statues. I showed it to Ebi-kun and he decided it would be fun to do. After our trip to the Star Wars exhibit, we popped into the TV studio lobby to see if there was anything interesting and so the fun begins....

Punch To The Chin

Hair grab!

Doremon getting handy with his mic

Punch to the stomach!

Kick in the head

We ran out of statues to abuse so it was time for a bit of a rest. Ebi-kun has recently gotten into Doremon. A lot of the stories are history based, I'm not sure how accurate they are but the kids love them!

We had a wander outside for more statues but could only find this heart! We will definitely be doing more of these, I can see Paris being a fun place to do it, as long as we don't get arrested! If you want to join the fun, follow me over on Instagram!

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gifts From India

Bit behind with my posts! Not worth losing sleep over!

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago a long time reader of this little old blog, Swati and her family came over to Tokyo whilst her husband was at a conference. I was really hoping to meet up but our schedules didn't allow it :(

Swati did pop a couple of books in the post for Ebi-kun, they are comic style and tell Hindu stories. Tulsidas' Ramayana and Further Stories From The Jatakas.

Of course his nose was stuck straight in, some of the characters he recognised from the stories from Angkor Wat. He did have a good question, which I don't know the answer to, why is Ram blue?

I'm gutted we didn't get to meet up after all this time! But thank you for the books and the sandwood pouches! I can see some lessons about India in the near future!

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Are You A Time Starved Mama?

One thing I hear ALL the time is mamas complaining they don't have enough time.

  • Not enough time to get their hair done.
  • Not enough time to work on their own projects.
  • Not enough time to exercise!

Well it's no secret that I am a bit of a time ninja, I know how to get shit done! So I've put together a mini course (free) with my top tips on making the most of your time. Don't worry, I won't be telling you to go to bed later and get up earlier (I love my sleep far too much to be doing that)

I do share the techniques I use to run my business, home and family. How I have time to make most meals from scratch, including bread and cheese! I also after-school Ebi-kun, and don't have a cleaner, baby-sitter or handy MIL! I still manage to fit in MY hobbies, drawing, sewing, making and crafting. Oh and learning, I'm always taking courses!

I'm not supermom but I do make good use of my time!

Sign up here, I won't sell or even give your email address away, you will get the jojoebi playbook: What Macgyver would do if he had kids (which goes out weekly!)

Friday, 19 June 2015

Simple Forms at The Mori Museum

After Star Wars we popped into the Simple Forms exhibit as we had already paid. Ebi-kun and I were not very impressed with most of it. Maybe we were just missing the point, but how you can put a pile of stones from the beach in a case and declare it art is beyond me. Kudos to those who can pull it off and make money out of it!

There were a couple of interesting installations, this one had a spinning silver hoop with a light projected on it, making rainbow on the wall. Nice but not overly clever.

This one was though. There were vents in the floor which shot blasts of air up and carried the sheet up and down, strangely relaxing. I can't seem to get the video to load, but if you pop over to my instagram page you can watch it there CLICK HERE (and follow me whilst you're at it! ;)

We didn't stay long as Ebi-kun declared he was starving, if you go to the Star Wars exhibit, then pop in here too but it won't be the end of the world if you miss it!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

In a galaxy far, far away....

Well in a city about and hour and a half away....

There was a Star Wars exhibition and a certain little boy wanted to check it out. So did his dad but it didn't look like he was going to be able to make it before the exhibit closed so we went on an adventure by ourselves.

When we got to Roppongi station there was a guy selling tickets, brilliant I thought, no queuing to get in when we get there! 

How wrong I was!

We got to the right place then had to queue for about an hour just to get to the ticket station, but you already have tickets Jo!
I know, but we are in Japan and life is not that simple. You can't actually use the pre-purchased ticket, no, no, no that would be far too simple. You have to exchange your ticket for another ticket (pokes oneself in the eye with a light sabre!)

Then, because one can not queue enough, we had to queue for the lift, why not take the stairs Jo? Because it's on the 52nd floor! Eventually we made it in...

I also stupidly thought it wouldn't be too busy because it had been open for a few weeks at this point, yet again I was proved wrong and a lot of shuffling from one thing to another went on.

All those peeps in the background are waiting to get their photo with Darth Vader, we weren't daft and just used a different 'unofficial' angle!

"There is no escape from the queuing. Don't make me destroy you."

There was an interesting collection of concept ideas and art and some amazing models of the various transportation used (I wasn't able to sneak photos of those!)

We found the best way to see everything was to shuffle around the perimetre of each gallery then shuffle around the exhibits in the centre. Ebi-kun came out with a corker. There were exhibits showing the costumes and Anakin's outfit was on one of those dolls that they use in shop windows.

"Look, it's Makakin Skywalker"

Oh how I laughed, good to see he has inherited my amazing sense of humour hahaaha

We finally shuffled our way to what I thought was the exit but we got directed to stand in yet another queue and this was to get into the shop...half an hour later...

Ebi-kun had his heart on buying Daddy something for Fathers Day, obviously I can't share what yet and so then we had to queue to pay! I had seriously had enough of this queuing lark by the time we had finished.

All in all, it was interesting and we both enjoyed it, the queuing side, not so  much! Anyone who loves Star Wars will enjoy it I think.

I was a bit disappointed because the original write up I had seen about the exhibit appeared to have a lot more stuff going on, I'm not sure whether we missed it somehow (we didn't pay the extra ¥500 each to go to the Sky Deck to battle with Darth) or whether that was included with the opening somehow. Of course I don't remember where I read the initial article to check!

If you want to go, there is more info HERE

Monday, 15 June 2015

Introducing The Inspired Mama Revolution

So what the heck is the Inspired Mama Revolution?

In a nutshell, it is a membership for mamas who don't want life to pass them by or put their life on hold whilst they are raising kids. It'd for moms who want to make something of themselves, to use their brains and be more that 'just a mama'.

Who Is It For?

  • If you’re a bright, intelligent woman but you are new to this parenting lark, half the time it’s guess work, the other half you are second guessing your guess work!  And where the hell is the manual?
  • If you’re a doting mama and attentive (well most of the time) wife/partner yet you never feel like you are on top of your game and so feel like a failure.
  • If you have a lust for learning and big goals, dreams and ambitions but you are feeling frustrated with what life has served you, this isn’t the life you had dreamed of!

Then it's for you!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being just a mama but many women, (myself included) we need more or we'd go round the twist!

The Inspired Mama Revolution came about because I want to help more mamas to get inspired and live life on their terms, whether that be furthering their education, starting their own business or landing the perfect job to suit their lifestyle. I also wanted a way to keep all my current courses running without stretching even more thinly!

And so I had the genius idea of putting everything into one membership site, that means that when you join, you get access to EVERYTHING, well over $1000 worth of content!

I also wanted it to very affordable, I remember when I was starting out with my little Etsy shop, investing any money in myself felt like a big stretch so I wanted to make it affordable to everyone.

So it you were thinking of joining My Organized Chaos, Clear The Clutter or Blog To Kindle and were putting it off, now you can do all three for just $20 a month! Crazy pants right?

Find out more and what exactly is included HERE. And as always, if you have any questions, drop me a line!

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Hell Yeah, New Hair!

I've been putting off going to get my hair done, thinking I'd do it just before we go back to the UK for the summer but it was driving me nuts so, off with the locks!

I go to Watanabe in Harajuku, I still haven't plucked up the courage to go to a local salon that has never cut foreign hair before - I have heard far too many horror stories! Although my hair is thick like many Japanese people, it's also fairly fine and if I am having colour on it, I want someone who has handled my kind of hair before.

So I decided to go pixie, it's the shortest it's ever been for about 15 years, in fact the last time I had it this short was when I first came out to Japan. It's "cherry red" this time so slightly different to before colour wise.

Monday, 8 June 2015

How To Make An Emergency Phone Recording

We have had quite a few earth wobbles in the last week, which always brings to mind the BIG earthquake and how it is best to be prepared. One piece of paper we have had on the side of the fridge since 3/11 is the emergency phone recording info.

This is for incase you can't get through to your loved one, maybe their phone battery is dead, maybe a house fell on the phone or maybe the lines are too busy to get through. You can call this number (In Japan) and record a message so you can let your loved ones know where you are and that you are OK!

I imagine other countries have this system, it would be worth checking and setting one up for your family, especially if you live somewhere that is prone to natural disasters.

We keep a copy on the fridge and in the emergency bag, I should add one to my purse too really, incase I'm out and about.

Click HERE or on the image below to download the PDF. Please share this with friends that are in Japan, I hope that non of us ever need to use it but would like to have as many people as possible with a copy... just in case!

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Speedy Science - The Uncontrollable Arm

Another fun one, I thought everyone knew this trick but it appears not!

What you need:

Small or large person
A wall

Stand about 6 inches from the wall and push the backside of your hand against it...

Push as hard as you can, using your arm muscles for at least 30 seconds, longer if possible!

Which sounds easy but actually, it's not...

When the time is up relax you arm and put it back by your side, it will lift itself, just like magic. To make this more impressive you can utter a spell and demand that the arm rises!

Thursday, 4 June 2015

Up, Up and away...

I've been think that I really need to move my butt more, especially since most of my work is done on the computer these days, I can actually go all day with about 500 steps! Not good! I'm developing what some would call, an entrepreneurs bum!

Anyway my friend Jacqui had been raving about here Jawbone Up band around the time that I upgraded my phone. On the iphone 6 there is a health app that tracks your steps and various other things. So I started to obsess over it, problem is, I don't have my phone on my all the time!

So I decided to invest in a band, of course it took me forever to decide which one and then to choose a colour, best match your fitness equipment with your hair I find...

The band is made from a silicony rubbery material and is super light. I wear 3 bracelets 24/7 so the addition of the band makes no difference at all. You wear the band all the time except for in the bath/swimming. It's splash proof but not water proof and you need to take it off to charge it once a week.

The silver cap with jawbone on it comes off then you plug it into a short cable and into your USB port on your computer to charge. very easy. For updating, I picked the band that updates via bluetooth so I don't actually do anything, it syncs with my phone automatically.

So what does it do? It measures your steps, as you might be aware the 'scientists' say 10,000 steps a day is a good figure to aim for. It also reminds you when you have been still for too long and tracks your sleep patterns.

You can set up goals and reminders, so to go to bed at a certain time for example and it will wake you in the morning when you are in a light sleep pattern.

You can also pop in your food intake for the days, how much water you have drunk and track your weight. pretty nifty! The one thing that I REALLY love about it, is that you can team up with other UP users and cheer each other on. I have 5 in my team at the moment and it's great to see how everyone is doing each day. 

All in all I am loving it, it is definitely helping me to actually move more, I've taken to exploring the neighbourhood, something I usually do on the bike but I have been walking. Nothing like a 5km yomp to start the day! If you have an UP band, hit me up so we can be team mates - more the merrier! And if you have any questions about it, give me a shout in the comments.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Don't Steal From A Mama Who Feeds Her Child Severed Fingers...

Not the post I had planned but I thought I should document this somewhere in case anyone else needs to know what to do.

So...yesterday I got a message on FB from a chap called Michael who asked if I owned the image below. As you know, this is one of my most popular posts, a true oldie but goodie. He went on to tell me that a Zombie Cafe was using it to promote their menu and linked me to their Facebook page.

Not only were they using my image, they had plastered their logo all over it too - flattering as it is to have my severed fingers on a Zombie Cafe menu, the crux of the matter is that the image was stolen.

The images were watermarked so there is a lesson in itself - don't assume watermarking will protect your work!

So I sharpened my favourite axe and headed on over there... 


What I actually did was poke around on their page until I found an email address. then I googled for Cease and Desist templates and found this one.

I copy and pasted the template then tweaked it. The template version is from a lawyer so I changed it so it was sent from my office manager. Popped it in an email then sent it off.

Next, I went back to FB and put in a claim about the image. 
Click on the photo, underneath is "options" then "report photo"
Then you need to click through several options, I chose "something else" then "unauthorized use of my property" 
Eventually you get to a form you need to fill in, it includes the link to the photo and you need some kind of proof that it is your image, I linked back to the original blog post from 2009.

I use Sidekick with my gmail so I could see when the email I had sent had been opened. Not long after the image was removed. Then I woke up this morning with a message from FB saying the same.

I probably didn't need to contact FB but I wanted a back-up plan and FB are notorious for not playing fair!

That was it, Jo the severed finger maker 1 - zombie cafe 0

I don't mind my images being shared IF there is a link back to the original source. I think that is one of the beautiful things about the internet. But stealing and promoting it as your own, not on! I don't get why they didn't just make their own and take their own pictures?!?

Right, back to it, now my severed fingers are safe...

***Update Zombie Cafe owner did email me 2 days after the fact with a rather weak apology, but an apology all the same. I hope she went and educated herself a bit about using other people's property!

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