Saturday, 28 January 2017

Heart Centred Business

Entrepreneurs - wave your hands in the air...

When I first started out selling online Crissy from Indie Biz Chicks was one of the people I would turn to knowing I would get good solid advice. So I was sad to hear that she had been going through a rough time recently with her mom passing away unexpectedly.

As you know, if you work for yourself taking time off can be hard on the old bank account. Anyway 2 of Crissy's friends came up with a fab idea of a bundle sale.

A group of us all pitched in with a product for life and biz suitable for entrepreneurs, all these products cost $20 or more if you were to buy them individually. Totted up is is $1300 worth of good.

To get the whole lot, it will set you back a whole $19! 

I know, crazy pants right.

Not everything will be a fit for you but even if you just use a couple you will be getting a bargain! My Get Visible On Facebook For Free is included, normally $29.99 so I know you are getting value for money just there!

There are two or three things I have my eye on so I will be getting the bundle for myself.

You can get yours here The Great Big Life And Biz Bundle

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