Sunday, 22 July 2007

metal insets

Recently BabyEbi hasn't bothered with these but then he got them out again the other day. He really likes this shape even though it is one of the harder ones to do. He calls is "cho-cho" which means butterfly in Japanese.
I was really chuffed to discover that 15cm origami paper fits just right in the holder which is great, not only does it save me time cutting the paper out, it is also cheap as chips and comes in lots of pretty colours.
Dr. Montessori analyzed the movements which are connected with writing and developed the Metal Insets for directly preparing the child for handwriting.
The Metal Insets exercises strengthen the three finger grip and coordinate the necessary wrist movements.
The exercises also advance proficiency in lightness of touch and evenness of pressure through drawing activities. The Metal Insets invite unlimited geometric design possibilities. BabyEbi isn't able to use the inner part yet but he uses the outer part quite well, especially easy shapes like the square and triangle.

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