Sunday, 29 March 2015

Morphing around

Ebi-kun decided to get his Morph kit out, I'm not sure what bought it on but he spent a long time just making things out of plasticine. For anyone who wasn't a 70's kid in the UK, Morph was a clay animation that was part of the Tony Hart program for kids and later Morph got his own show. You can check him out on YouTube, he looks like a healthier version of this...

And of course, little boys doing what little boys do best...

Resulting in....

Little boy fits of girly giggles! Seriously, he couldn't stop, why do boys find these kind of things so funny? It's one of life's great mysteries, up there with smelling their own farts and burping animal noises!

Friday, 27 March 2015

No More 3rd Grade...

Yep, last day of school! My little third grader will soon be a fourth grader! This year has flown by. Cracks me up how he wears his cap like that...

Thursday, 26 March 2015

All about the orange...

Ebi-kun had his aikido grading a couple of weeks back and on Sunday he was upgraded to orange belt! One happy little boy! We were all surprised because we thought he had to do one more exam before he would get orange!

This of course called for a celebratory cake... what is better than an orange cake? A chocolate orange cake of course!

I washed and sliced the orange and put it on the bottom of a silicon pan and sprinkled with brown sugar then used a standard chocolate sponge recipe, added some orange peel and the juice of an orange to the mix for good measure. it could have handled more chocolate I feel or maybe choco-chips. It was lovely though and a good way to celebrate!

Monday, 23 March 2015

The First - Moms That Rock Mastermind...

As you know, most of my biz is done online, I do get to chat to people quite often over skype but I rarely get chance to meet people in the flash!

Anyway,  a few weeks ago I asked in the Moms That Rock Facebook group, if the Tokyo based moms would like to meet up for a mastermind meeting - many either run their own business or are hoping to start one, so I thought it would be great to get everyone together and see how we can help one another!

Most of us met up a bit earlier for a coffee and then we went down to the meeting room. It was quite weird, some of these ladies I have know online for years but have never spoken to them before! But, iIfelt like I already knew them. It was a fun couple of hours, we all got to share where we are up to and what are plans for the future are. Connections, suggestions, ideas and plans were made.

A few take-aways that I left the meeting with...

The general theme that we are all educated women who love being moms but need something more. BUT we don't want to compromise the time we have with our kids, we want to have more, be more, do more but also have the flexibility to work around our family.

Many of us want to work more on passive income and it's definitely the way forward - I totally believe this and have moved my biz over so it is almost all passive income through various income streams. Using Saturday as an example - I was out of the house all day but I sold:
7 seats for Montessori Crash course
1 Clear The Clutter 
6 books
1 sewing pattern
2 sets of Montessori cards
Plus I got an affiliate payout from Amazon
Not bad for a day hanging out in Tokyo!!

Of course it's not a reliable income, I never know from day to day what I will make but making money literally as you sleep absolutely rocks!

I also got the feeling that we are a creative, ingenious bunch and I feel that with this community we can build and grow great things! There were some great ideas and I'm looking forward to seeing how they bloom!

The moms that rock group is open to anyone who is:
A. a mom 
B. Rocks

And also wanting to do more, be more and fit it around you family, whether it be personal interests or you are looking to work, come and join us... Moms That Rock

Thursday, 19 March 2015

Help In The Kitchen...

It's been a busy week! We have had a great response to The Montessori Crash Course program, the replay is up if you missed it and we have a few spots left if you want to get in on the first round - it kicks off Monday! The replay for the workshop is HERE.

I have to say Ebi-kun and Daddy-Ebi have been stars this week, including having to get up and get ready for school/work on Tuesday in silence! My desktop is downstairs in the open plan living/dining/kitchen area and to be sure of a good connection the computer needed to be hard wired so I couldn't sneak off upstairs with the laptop!

I needed to be up at 5am for the first call which meant of course, not sleeping properly and waking up every hour until the alarm went off - needless to say I was like a walking zombie by 3pm. I seriously DON'T miss all those nights of broken sleep - I really have no idea how I managed it, or how any mom manages it!

Ebi-kun has been helping me out, he doesn't need much persuading to get busy in the kitchen, he rustled up a lovely salad dressing the other night, I'm not sure the quantities but it was balsamic vinegar, honey, freshly squeezed orange juice and French mustard - delicious! He also makes a mean teriyaki sauce and he decided he wanted to try his hands at scones! I love that he has started to add his creativity into his cooking, he's no longer afraid of veering off from the recipe or adding his own twists.

We ate the scones then I realised I didn't take a picture! They were good, needed to be a bit thicker.

I'll remember to post the next ones - he has been talking about yuzu and what he can do with it, this might be interesting...

PS -  The replay for the workshop is HERE, we have a handful of spots left and it the program starts Monday!

Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Football, Coffee and a Good Book...

The boys had football on Saturday, it's lads and dads, more lads than dads to be honest!

Good excuse to have a play with my camera too. It was a lovely day, spring is on it's way, unfortunately that means the hay fever season is here too - my eyes were streaming after being outside for a few hours!

Daddy Ebi managed to twist his ankle when he was playing, which later swelled up like a tennis ball. He ended up going to get it x-rays but it's just a sprain, his football dad career isn't over yet...

They do make a good coffee at the Footpal place which I supped on as  I'm working my way through Tony Robbin's new book Money: Master The Game. It's a great read but I'm having to take it slowly as I have no knowledge when it comes to hedge funds, 401Ks and other financial jargon! Luckily it's written so even I can understand it. Might take me a while to finish it, hopefully before retirement! It's one BIG book!

I'm about half way through and have just started the part where he tells you how to invest your money, I'll do a proper review when I finish it...

Monday, 16 March 2015

Montessori Crash Course - are you coming?

One final call out. If you want to join us live for the Montessori Crash Course workshop, you need to be signed up now!

If you can't make it live, don't worry you will be able to watch the replay but you still need to be signed up for that... Click HERE

I'm both nervous and excited! At the last count we had almost 950 signed up! Hope to see you there!

This is what I wake up to every day....

Ebi-kun is funny!
He is up at 5.30am on the dot, by himself. He comes downstairs and gets dressed then gets stuck into a project of some kind.
The last few weeks he made himself a time machine, a fully working torch out of a smarties tube! Written some newspaper reports, translated a chunk of his Japanese dinosaur dictionary into English and churned out numerous pictures, this morning he was working on a self portrait!

I often wonder what will happen when we hit the teenage years, whether the tables will be turned and I'll have to drag him out of bed or whether he will still have the same mazing self discipline.

Coming from a Montessori approach, I don't want to give him work books or force him to sit down and study, no quicker way to put a kid off learning! So giving him the freedom to choose makes a huge difference. We have talked about keeping his writing level up - speaking in English is no problem. And so it was his idea to translate the dino encyclopedia, he did 20 entries and had to look up the latin names and time periods, which was a great job. I check through an make a note of any mistakes, especially recurring ones, so we can deal with them. Capital letters is the thing he needs to work on at the moment.

The newspaper reports we have done for a while but he came and asked me to make some new ones for him, and off he went again, writing stories about the adventures he has had. If you want to know how to make the newspaper articles, there is a tutorial HERE.

Each morning, I come down the stairs and wonder what weird and wonderful thing he is working on this morning...

Saturday, 14 March 2015

A little bit of sewing...

You know when you get that itch, that itch to change something? Well, I've had that itch for a couple of months and the curtains in the living room had got to go! the only problem was, I needed to find some suitable fabric to replace them with. When we decorated the house I chose these drapes? rather than curtains because I thought it would be easier to switch them up when I got bored!

I finally found something I like from a Swedish designer, funny how the colours are very similar to my new branding! I must have teal and gold on the brain.

So now I have the curtains done, I want to change the sofa cover, there is no way I'm going to tackle that job though, far too much work, a trip to Ikea might be in order soon, there is a lovely grey cover that I have my eye on!

And I also whipped up a couple of cushion covers, I love this Echino print with the geekie stag and the hedgehogs was the last piece of that fabric, it's beautifully soft linen and one of my favourites from when I sold fabric in the shop.

I need to set a sewing time for each week, I rarely get the chance to sew these days - maybe because before sewing was work so I could easily get away with knocking up the odd toy/cushion/doll/bag or whatever!

Have you stitched up anything new recently?

Friday, 13 March 2015

Montessori Crash Course - what questions do you have?

I have been busy working with Deb Chitwood from Living Montessori Now and we are super excited to bring this free training workshop to you on Monday. There will be limited seats so sign up ASAP. Just click HERE!

If you are new to Montessori and want to know more or you are struggling to implement at home, this is what you need!

montessori crash course

See you there!
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