Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Are you keeping up..

With the challenges?

Day 5 of the My Organized Chaos challenge is Decadence! How often to you treat your kids but not yourself? Today it's time for a mini upgrade, treat yourself to a posher bottle of wine or fancier chocolate, whatever your mama pleasure is. Instead of the economy class version, choice business class - savour it and enjoy it. I've been saving this bar of chocolate from the award winning @welovechocolate

Day 6 of the challenge is Take A Bath. A quick hop in and out of the shower gets you clean but we need time to rewind too. Nothing beats a long soak in the bath, add some bubbles, light some candles, maybe even a glass of wine...

Day 7 of the challenge is Talk A Walk! Explore a bit, use a new route or have a wander around the neighbourhood, you never know what hidden treats you might find. Fill your lungs with fresh air, feel the weather on your skin, listen to every sound, take time to look around.

Day 8 of the challenge is Do Your Hair! So easy to fall into the 2 second mama ponytail trick, you deserve more, your hair deserves more! So today, style it differently, give it some love, a deep condition maybe. Or if you have been putting off that hair appointment for some crap reason, BOOK it today.

Day 9 of the challenge is Love Your Purse! Feel embarrassed when you take your purse/wallet out to pay for something? Time to fix that, take everything out, give it a clean and only put the things back in that you really need (ditch all those store cards you never use). Show your purse some love and it will love you - lesson learned from the lovely @deniseDT

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Saturday, 13 September 2014

Home again Home again jiggity jig...

Long flight back, first to Doha and then onto Narita. We have found that although the flight time is longer doing it this way it is 
A, cheaper
B, easier 

We used to fly into Europe somewhere, then have to hang about for 3 hours before catching a 1 hour flight into Manchester and I can tell you, that last short flight is a KILLER. With the two longer flights it meant that we weren't stuck in the same spot for 13 hours, we could have a nap if we wanted, long enough for a decent sleep, eat or just watch films. Kinder on the body.

I feel far more rested splitting the flight up this way.

The other thing we have started doing (and I have been surprised that many people didn't know that this is an option) a week or so before the flight I go onto the airline website and order a "special meal" there is usually a list of different meal types, gluten free, halal, veggie, vegan,  raw, etc.

I choose the fruit platter, I did try the raw platter going out but it wasn't very nice, the veg was dried out. So the fruit platter is the way to go! So yes, basically you get a whole load of fruit, I asked for some bread too when they were giving out the food, that wasn't included.

I'm not a fan of the regular airline meals and often feel bloated afterwards and Ebi-kun just turns his nose up in disgust at the kids ones, especially when they are mini sausage, nuggets and the such like. At least with the fruit he is actually eating and he did pretty much demolish it all. All the long haul flights I have been on in the last 6 years or so have this option, I've not flown to North America though, so I don't know if those airlines do it.

The flight themselves were pretty uneventful - which is the way you want a flight to be! This was the view as we came in at Narita, a nice welcome home.

And here is an excited little boy who couldn't wait to see daddy...

Friday, 12 September 2014

The Last Day...

Always the hardest. Not just because of the packing and me sitting on the suitcase willing it to shut - I bought a whole new wardrobe for me! It was a good job we had a bigger luggage allowance than usual.

We popped across the green to discover that the conker trees we starting to drop their treasure, last time we were home and the cockers were out, Ebi-kun was too young to learn to play, so we collected a handful to bring back with us.

There were some strange antics going on, apparently Ebi-kun was a racing driver of a super car and my mom was ??? the engine? Who knows but they were having fun!

We popped out to pick up some last minute bits and bobs and dropped by at the little farm shop, which has grown considerably! They now have lamas, this one was a firm favourite, just look how cute he is!

Then last night snuggles watching Deal or No Deal - to which Ebi-kun seems to be addicted, that and The Cube.

It was an amazing trip home, we did so much and had so much fun. Plus I didn't have to suffer the Japanese summer, which is always a good thing.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Give yourself a lick or a squirt...

Day4 of the My Organized Chaos challenge - making yourself feel good doesn't have to take much time, give yourself a squirt of your favourite perfume or a lick of lipstick. 
It doesn't matter if you don't plan to leave the house, you are doing it for YOU!

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International Author Donates To Local Library...

OK, that headline is a bit OTT! I did donate several copies of Montessori Inspired Activities to the local library, hopefully some of the local moms will find them of use.

If you are in the UK, the book is registered with the British Library and so if you request it, they should be able to get it in for you.

If you'd rather have your own copy then you can get it from Amazon (paperback or kindle) or if you want to save on shipping The Book Depository is your best bet.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Day 3 of the My Organized Chaos challenge....

Let's talk undies! 
You know that feeling you get when you put on your best undies? Well, why wait for those "once in a blue moon" special undies occasions? 

Put them on today (or tomorrow if you're already dressed) and feel sexy without anyone knowing why !

Post a pic to Instagram or Facebook - you don't have to flash your undies over the net, just a wee sneak peep or an abstract pic that captures your feelings! tag me and use #myorganizedchaos

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Meeting the cousins

Agh! Just found some more post from our holidays that i hadn't finished writing!

My step sister and family have been living in Greece almost as long as I have been over here and we've never been in the UK at the same time, until this summer that is. They have moved back to the UK and moved into a new house a close to my moms, a couple of days before we left.

So although they had only moved in the day before, we decended on them for a visit.  Ebi-kun and A have chatted a few times over skype, last time Ebi-kun was giving A origami lessons, very cute! They totally hit it off - here they are all giving my mom a massage, not sure if that was pleasure or pain!

Ebi-kun and A disappeared off upstairs to make loom bands and record tutorial videos!

And I got entertained by little M, who is two and a half but talks really well, she had me in stitches, cute as a button too.

Thanks to the likes of Skype, it doesn't feel like 13 years since I last met Lou in the flesh and there was no awkward half hour when the kids first met for the first time, I seem to remember that happening a lot as a kid when we would visit relatives that we only got to see say once a year.

We did really well as far as catching up with people went, I think we managed to squeeze almost everyone is, having a couple of family parties helped! Can't wait to do it all again next year.

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

The My Organized Chaos Challenge - Are You In?

OK, this is the deal...Moms often get pushed to the bottom of the pile, and self care and feeling good about yourself gets thrown out of the window, the #myorganizedchaos challenge is to help you start making a bit of time for YOU and get you back on track!

To join you need to follow me on Instagram HERE and/or Facebook HERE the check in for the daily challenge. We started yesterday, so you can jump in now!

All you have to do is take a quick pic with your phone doing the challenge of the day...for example, Day 1...

Take time for me, make yourself a nice cup of what-ever-you-fancy and take 10 minutes to sit and actually enjoy it, no distractions!

Your pic could look like this...

Or the view from your deck as you sip your cuppa, or maybe your sleep babe as you catch a bit of me time as they nap!

Post your picture on Facebook and/or Instagram* tag me and use the #myorganizedchaos so I can find you if the tagging doesn't work. Easy peasy!

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We are on Day 2, come and join the fun...

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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Mama - Are you feeling tired, stressed and unappreciated?

As you might already know, it is coming to that time of year when I open the doors to My Organized Chaos. A program for busy moms to get organized with their home, their kids and themselves so that they have more time for the fun stuff.

This year I have some great free video training for you, where I share some of my favourite tips to help you start organizing your home, family and yourself so you can be living the kind of life you want to live (rather than the rushing around like a blue-arsed fly all the time)

Click HERE to sign up 

And if you know another mom that could do with some help, please share the link so she can get the help she needs too.

A little thank you gift...

Di's mom gave Ebi-kun some 'spends' which he used to get this cool water colour painting set, brushes and paper from The Tate Modern. He decided to make a little thank your gift and experimented with his new materials.

First he did a wash and let the paint dry. Then he used my copic pen and drew a picture, not really sure what his inspiration was! Then after that he coloured (painted) it in. 

He also had some birthday money so other goodies he treated himself to were a load of Horrible History books, loom bands, souvenirs from the different places we visited - mostly books or notebooks and the such like. He wanted a Harry Potter wand but at 49GBP I had to veto it. I feel that the HP shop at Kings Cross was sooo overpriced. 

He had fun though and plenty of great souvenirs!

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