Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Did you join the Montessori Summer Summit?

Wow, there is so much good stuff going on at the moment. The Montessori Summer Summit is run by Seemi - remember that big Montessori giveaway we had at the start of the year, same person, she rocks!

Seemi put together this fab online summit, the live presentation are over but the recordings are available. There are 3 tracks, parents, teacher and admin so you can pick the right thing for you! Nothing more annoying that investing in something and finding it is aimed more at admin or teacher when you are wanting it as a parent!

Go and CHECK IT OUT it's only available until the end of the month.

Monday, 25 July 2016

Does your kid struggle with health issues?

My friend Jess is a naturapath and she really knows what she is doing when it comes to getting kids on a healthy eating path. As I'm sure you are aware, a lot of 'modern' foods can cause problems with our health along with food intolerance's and allergies.

Jess runs a great program Natural Super Kids which will help you figure out what is causing the problems and how to get your kids eating the right things so that they stay healthy and strong.

She also has some great ways to help you get over food battles when it comes to fussy kids. As you know, I have never had this problem with Ebi-kun (the opposite in fact!) but I do have friends that have signed up for her program and had great results.

Not only sick and fussy kids... she helps parents work out what foods are triggering behaviour problems too, I'm telling you, she is a wonder woman! So if you kids have melt downs over what seems to be nothing or go from reasonable and calm to bat-shit crazy in next to no time, she will help you work that out.

I know, sounds too goo to be true right? I have done her program as a beta tester and Ebi-kun enjoyed watching her videos too and she has a great FB group where you can go and ask questions and share your wins. 

If you are interested it enrollment is open for a few more days Click HERE to find out more.

*affiliate link

Lizard Update...

Ebi-kun has been really good at looking after the lizards, going out after school and catching food for them. Problem was that this meant nothing else was getting done!

So he and daddy went down to the home centre and bought a box of mealworms (which incidentally have to be kept in the fridge, not so happy about that bit) The lizards seem to like them though! He also moved them to a bigger tank.

As we fly out tomorrow we decided it was safer to let the lizard go, released them into the garden, so that daddy didn't get stuck with looking after them (and what would happen if one dies!)

Out of the 3 eggs only one looks healthy, we are hoping it hatches before we leave but it's cutting it fine!

As far as pets go, I kinda liked these guys, a bit more interesting that the beetle, that's for sure!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Taste tests: Ebi-kun Eats and taste tests - Lovely nuts

I realised we had missed some of the Ebi-kun eats episodes! so slightly out of order but just as much fun, we present to you....

Lovely Nuts!

This was one of the food swaps from France, are his nuts as lovely as they claim to be?

If you enjoyed his show, subscribe to his channel so you never miss a show, if you have any suggestions on what he should try next or would like to do a food swap, let us know!

Friday, 22 July 2016

24 hours and counting...

Why oh Why did my blog break mid launch?

Big apologies if you have been trying to catch up and all you got was some random hosting site page, I'm still not sure what the issue was but the very nice geeks at Siteground sorted it out for me!

This is your last call to join us in My Organized Chaos in 2016!

You don't need to take my word for it, that this program rocks...

I was unsure that I would have enough time and that completing one task would mean having to organize a lot of other spaces in the house first but it didn't work out like that. The art space I set up for the kids has been a big hit. - Diane
I'm a grandmother that babysits for my grandchildren. I didn't know if the course would be applicable or if I would fit into the group. I liked the openness and willingness to share that takes place in the members group and I love the pictures everybody shares, they really help to share ideas - Kathy
All of the ideas are simple and practical so they don't require a huge monetary investment to implement. They can also be done bit-by-bit as you have the time - great for busy parents! The more the kids can do on their own the less we (the adults) have to do for them. - Heidi
Yes I would recommend MOC to friends. I love the Montessori approach and going through the course reminded me of this. Each assignment made me rethink what I was doing, whether it was working, and just how far I had strayed from what I wanted my home and family life to be. I think others would benefit greatly from the same ideas and friendly guidance that Jo gives - Lynn
I feel like I have many more ideas for how to approach things, if that makes sense. Even though I've been super busy this month, the ideas you present make everything feel so approachable and do-able. I just love feeling the sense that I have some ideas to bring into my home to make it more functional and enjoyable for all of us to live in and use. - Paige
I am much more conscious of how wisely I am spending my time. Preparation is crucial! And it feels so good to have systems in place for storing things. I would recommend the course to anyone looking to be more organized in order to spend more time with their children. - Michi
I don't get as annoyed with my son - he will play for longer and happily tidy up after himself. He also seems to look forward to reading a lot more now he has a reading nook so is much easier to put to bed without fuss. As for me, I enjoy planning the time we spend together in advance. - Diana
If you are on the fence and have questions, shoot me an email or get in touch on facebook, I don't bite!!

The doors close in 24 hours, it's your time to take control and get your life back! Are you in? Click HERE

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Taste tests: Ebi-kun Eats and taste tests - Baby star ramen

I imagine that one drunken night, someone was looking through their cupboard to see what to eat in their drunken stupor and decided to try ramen noodles without cooking them first. And they discovered, that actually, they taste quite good and so the ramen snack was born (this is all speculation but in my head this is how it happened!)

Ebi-kun is trying Baby Star Ramen snack for the first time in this episode of Ebi-kun eats and no, he didn't get drunk beforehand...

Special request, Ebi-kun is hoping to reach 100 subscribers by his first anniversary of Ebi-kun eats, if you haven't subscribed yet, please click HERE and subscribe to his channel, you'll make a cheeky boy very happy!

Friday, 8 July 2016

Me Time Challenge - are you in?

I know this is a busy time for moms, we have 1001 things on our minds, the daily schedule is out of whack and the kids are climbing the walls. 

It also means that moms tend to push their self care to the bottom of the pile, I'm no exception but I KNOW that July is a crazy busy month for me and that if I don't look after #1, I will be a frazzled mess come August!

So join me on the Me Time challenge, I'll be sharing 5 techniques you can use anytime, anyplace, anywhere (almost) to help you stay sane and happy!

Pop your name & email in the box below and we kick off on Monday...

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Introducing The Dragon Man

A while ago I picked up a colouring book from Flying Tiger (I love that shop!) anyway, back to the book, it has characters drawn to colouring one side and lines to write a description on the other.

Ebi-Kun is loving this and has been coming up with some great characters! There are some blank pages at the back so you can make your own characters too. we have been talking about all the different people in the book and think it would be fun to write a story using a couple of the characters as the main part of the story. 

It'll be an interesting story considering the people he has already come up with!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sherlock Holmes is in the Book Bag

As you know, Ebi-kun is an avid reader and ever since he started stringing words together, he will pick up anything and attempt to read it! I have a number of books left over from my teaching days, they have been sat on the shelf and recently Ebi-kun has been dipping in!

He was totally hooked on this Sherlock book, with three short stories, his nose was stuck in and didn't come out again until he was done!

This is the version he was reading, it's an OUP bookworm 2 book (cassette tape available lol!) but I have just found the whole collection of short stories for free on kindle, you can get it HERE.

Ebi-kun can tell you himself how he felt about it...

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Tuesday, 5 July 2016

A day to remember - reunion of old friends

As  you know, I'm part of a bilingual playgroup and Ebi-kun joined when he was just 6 weeks old, he has grown up with these kids and it's great that when ever we get together they just get on with it and go and play. There are never any fights or arguments, they all get on great!

This was a picture I took of them a few year ago, they all look so cute and little!

And here they are now, we had one kids missing as he is off in Portugal playing football for Urawa Reds Jrs and we had an extra couple in this time (the boys in red). Ebi-kun really hit it off with the older of the brothers and wanted to play with him again but sadly they are visiting from the States and were heading off to Osaka. We are going to see about setting them up on skype!

Of course we couldn't let all the kids have all the fun!

As the kids alternated from playing outside then coming in to cool off, the dads played music...

Ate cheese!

By using a blow torch on it!

We did let the kids eat too, we're not that mean, although I think most of them missed out on the blow torch cheese! Too bad!

And yes, there were cocktails, lots of cocktails. Although I stuck to the wine, the next day was really hot and not the best weather to recover from a hangover!

So yes, a good day was had by all, the kids were all exhausted and the adults (most of them) drunk!

Looking for ward to the next event!

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