Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Happy Almost Birthday To You…

So, last weekend we were supposed to go camping but due to very dodgy weather we cancelled but it did mean that we got to have a nice relaxing weekend instead. I managed to get into Tokyo for a hair cut - and got lucky because my stylist was still busy so I got an extra long massage, ohhh yeah!

Then we met at a friends house for some good food, beer and company, the boys had fun playing football in their undies in the rain - I'm not sharing the photos until one of them gets married!

Then Sunday we had the usual Aikido followed by lunch and shopping, I took a sneaky nap whilst the boys watch the match on TV.

And then Monday, which was a national holiday, we had Birthday celebration #1. Ebi-kun wanted to celebrate with daddy - since we will be in the UK for his actual birthday but reading between the lines, he couldn't wait to get his birthday present!

I managed to rustle together a Golden Snitch Cake (from Harry Potter), I made carrot cake and baked it in a Christmas pudding bowl, made two then sandwiched them together with cream cheese icing. I just happened to have some gold cake spray to spray it all with and finished it off with some golden wings. I was pretty impressed with myself for such an impromptu effort!

And his present…a Jboard, he has been pestering for one for ages and it is the transportation of choice down our road! Didn't take him long to get the hang of it and now they have a course drawn on the road with chalk, the kids have been busy!

All in all a lovely weekend. Now it's just a mad rush to do the packing and get all my work wrapped up, ready to go.

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Blast From The Past…Artist Inspired Days

These next two weeks I have lots to get through work wise but don't want to just leave you hanging, so I have dug up the archives and found some great posts for you!

Artist Inspired Days

Yamamoto-san salt art

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

Friday, 18 July 2014

Blast From The Past…Get Stitching

These next two weeks I have lots to get through work wise but don't want to just leave you hanging, so I have dug up the archives and found some great posts for you! 

Get Stitching

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Blast From The Past…Cooking with Kids

These next two weeks I have lots to get through work wise but don't want to just leave you hanging, so I have dug up the archives and found some great posts for you! Took some digging, there are over 2500 posts on here now!

Cooking with Kids…

Enjoy! More Blast from the past posts to come.

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Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ebi-kun needs your help


How are you doing? I hope you are well.
Can you help with my summer homework?
 At  japanese schools,we have to do summer homework. I chose to find out about school lunches Around the world.                                                
 I am asking you so I can find out about school lunches so I hope you can help me.

if you have got a kid that goes to elementary school, can you get them to answer these questions?

Thank you for doing this questionnaire.

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Monday, 14 July 2014

I don't get e-courses and coaching!

As you know, I love learning and trying out new things so when ecourses came about I just figured that it was a great way to continue my love of learning. I was kind of surprised though the other day when a friend told me that she didn't fancy it, and what it came down to was that she didn't really understand it!

So here is my take on them from both taking and building ecourses…

What do they entail?

Well, they vary from course to course but generally there is usually a membership are that you can log into. Inside there are modules of content which is usually in the form of video, audio of PDFs. The better courses that I have done, have some kind of homework and a requirement such as posting in the forum.

Some courses also have live calls so you can ask questions with the person running the course, which is a great way of getting some 1:1 time if the course leader doesn't usually do coaching or has a very expensive coaching package.

To give you a better idea:

B-school - focus on business

6 modules
Each module has the content delivered in audio, video and PDF + fun sheets (PDF fillable sheets)
Weekly live call (or maybe it was every 2 weeks?)
Facebook support group
Plus bonus materials
Lifetime access

My Organized Chaos - focus on Mamas getting organized

9 modules
Content delivered as audio or video (video content is kept shorts for busy mamas) + PDFs
3 Live calls
Facebook support group
Plus bonus materials
Lifetime access

Clear The Clutter - focus on decluttering your home

15 emails delivered per month
PDF check sheets
Facebook support group
Yearly subscription

Blog To Kindle - Focus on turning a blog into a kindle book

20 steps with screen flow videos
PDF worksheets
Bonus resources
Facebook support group
Lifetime access

Lucky Bitch - Focus on abundance and money

6 modules PDF fun sheets
Bonus materials
Facebook support group
Lifetime access

So as you can see they all have a similar feel to them even though the content is completely different.

The other thing I wanted to touch on was coaching - now I admit, I used to dump coaches in with shrinks and think it was very much an American 'thing' But really a coach is just the same as a teacher or tutor, someone who guide you in the right direction, helps you when you are stuck and cheers you on when you accomplish and achievement. 

There are coaches for all kinds of stuff and they come in all shapes and sizes. Some focus on the woo-woo stuff, others are more grounded and practical. I tend to be drawn to the ones that have a good mixture of both. All the coaches I have worked with and all the ones I have as friends, work with coaches themselves. They are working to improve themselves or their business and they are willing to invest in themselves. 

It took me a while to 'get it' and I think finding the right coach for you is crucial. I also feel that if you are struggling with something, no matter what it is, finding the right person to help you can make a HUGE difference. 

I have learned and benefited from all the courses I have done, some more than others but I have yet to take a program that I have regretted. Funnily, I nearly signed up with one lass, but she was very pushy and salesy and although I really needed help with the content she was providing, my gut wasn't happy with her as a person. So I walked away. I learnt after that she had been the same with other people, so I didn't feel so bad! A good lesson on following your instinct!

So…have you every taken an online course or worked with a coach? How was it for you?

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Grassy Pool Anyone?

This is our local pool, it hasn't opened for the summer yet and because we are going away I doubt we will make it there this year. But we went to play putter golf the other day and discovered that they have filled in and grassed over the big current pool! There are still three other outdoor pols and a slide but I was quite surprised they had filled this in.

The other exciting news though is that they are also building an ice rink next to the pool complex, can't wait for that! An indoor rink too!

Friday, 11 July 2014

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Maybe a chef?

Ebi-kun has always enjoyed food and loves trying new foods, he is really adventurous with his tastebuds! The only issue we have had with food is the speed that he eats, one hour to eat dinner or lunch is not unheard of, he definitely savors each mouthful!

We somehow ended up watching one of Jamie Oliver's food revolution shows the other day, where he went to Huntington in America and non of the kids in the class could name any of the veg Jamie showed them. Ebi-kun just kept repeating, I can't believe it! I can't believe it! He's so funny, 8 going on 80!

He also loves being in the kitchen and will often ask to try two different food together, just to see how it will taste. Maybe he will end up being an ice-cream flavour inventor! Who knows? I do love that he enjoys what he eats and appreciates it and that we can eat out anywhere - if anything, I'm the fussy one!

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

One for the bloggers…

The doors are open! 

Blog to Kindle is a self paced program to take your amazing blog content and turn it into a fabulous kindle book!

Why do this?

  1. Street Cred. A book gives you instant credibility!
  2. Increase your list - if you are trying to make money online, you need an email list and having an opt-in inside your book means you can easily increase you list, often with people who would never have found your book otherwise
  3. Money! I actually wrote Montessori Inspired to increase my list but it has paid for itself several times over and now is a regular passive income stream!
There is more info over at Blog To Kindle and lots of questions answered there too. The early bird special lasts for a few more days then it goes up to the regular price, I will never be offering the early bird special again!

So if you have got a blog and it is filled with great content, why not make it work for! Checkout Blog To Kindle now!

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