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Looking to work 1:1 with me?
Want to join my mastermind?
Or take one of the courses that I run?
Then you need THIS PAGE

If you would like to sponsor a post or grab a side bar ad, this is what you need to know...

Sponsor a side bar ad
125x125 banner ad
$125/£80 per month
Payment to Paypal only
Sponsors also get a 'welcome to the sponsor' blog post
limited to 8 places.

Sponsored blog post
All blog posts are written by myself, I do not accept pre-written posts from other authors.

If you have a product you want to advertise it must follow the following criteria...

  • It must fit with the theme of the blog, crafting, books, travel, childhood education, Japan, technology (depending on the product), sewing etc. all OK. Mens goods, diet pills, cars, designer handbags not good.
  • The post will be written by myself
  • Embedded links are OK as long as they go to the specific product, not spam or phishing
  • The product must be for an international market, items sold domestically will not be accepted
  • Readers will be notified that the post is sponsored and the opinion is mine and mine only.
A sponsored blog post is $120/£75 and will stay on the blog indefinitely. The posts also get sent out to all my social media sites, two Facebook business pages, Pinterest, twitter, and g+ Plus they get a mention in my weekly newsletter.

A sponsored blog post is usually done by way of a review for a product and/or a giveaway. The product will need to be sent to me for review. My honest opinion will be given in the post. For a giveaway the winner will be chosen at random and the sponsor is responsible for sending the prize to the winner.

Sessions average over 3 months 18k
Pageviews  average over 3 months 26k
Most visitors from USA, UK, Japan, Canada and Germany

Guest Posts
I don't accept guest posts for this blog, this is my personal blog for my own ramblings. I do, on occasion, invite people on for interviews.

Want me to Guest Post?
I do guest post for other people but under my business as jojoebi. If you would like me to do a guest post for you, drop me a line with your idea.

Looking for sewing patterns and Montessori Printables?
Pop over to Etsy or Craftsy

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