My name is Jo and I go by the nickname jojoebi, that is jo-jo-ebi (eh-bee). I have an educational background in Electronic Imaging and Media Communications but after graduating I decided to pack my bags and travel the world. 

Which I did, for several years teaching English on three continents to pay my way. 

After a two year stint in the wilderness of Northern Japan, a local boy stole my heart, and I was unable to leave the country without it, so we settled down together in Saitama (just outside of Tokyo).

A few years later, after a slightly crazy wedding ceremony at Angkor Wat (which involved 5 priests, 9 nuns, Khmer dancers and an elephant ride up a mountain) baby Ebi appeared (now known as Ebi-kun) and after hearing myself saying “I go to shopping” and other grammatically incorrect English sentences I decided it was time to give up the English teaching game and return to my passion of designing and helping others.

When Ebi-kun was still a baby I became interested in the Montessori philosophy and so many of the items I design and make are influenced by Montessori, my son, along with my passion for travel and all things kawaii that makes Japan such a wonderful place to live.

I also run the jojoebi site, where I help busy mamas organize their homes and kids so that they can have more time for the fun stuff. I combine my love of productivity and organizing in with my design and Montessori knowledge, find out more about my programs HERE.

I am also a crazy crafty person and have several sewing patterns for sale on Etsy and Craftsy.

I started this blog when Ebi-kun was about 2 years old as a way to keep in touch with friends and family back own. It kinda took a life of its own and has grown thanks to all the wonderful readers that pop by. 

I have also written a best selling book, Montessori Inspired Activities For pre-Schoolers...

And finally, if you want to make some passive income for yourself but you don't know where or how to start, grab the FREE training! No, I won't sell or abuse your email address but you will get my weekly newsletter.

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  1. And your pic has you playing the guitar, how come I haven't come across you in the blogosphere before?! Off to see if I can find you on twitter so I can keep up with your blog!


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