Monday, 2 July 2007

preparing a snack

BabyEbi prepares his own snack in the morning. I get everything out and put it on his shelf then he takes over, he does it in a specific order, changes slightly depending on what his snack is, today it was a banana.
1. clean up what ever he has been working with
2. take out his placemat and put it on the table
3. take out his cup and fork, put it on the placemat
4. take the milk jug to the table
5. put the chopping board, wooden knife, plate, banana and damp cloth on the bench
6. wash hands
7. peel banana and put the peel in the bin

8. chop the banana and put the pieces on the plate
9. wipe hands

10. clean up - put the chopping board and knife in the washing up bowl
11. take the plate to the table. sit down and eat the snack, pour milk and drink it.

12. clean up and put the dirty dishes in the washing up bowl and the placemat back on the shelf

I am planning to introduce washing up to him soon, I haven't has chance to set up a washing area yet though. I think I will do it in the bathroom, using the cover on the bath as the work bench.

He also prepares cream cheese and crackers or sometimes has cookies. I considered boiled egg but he makes SO much mess with boiled egg. I could do with some more easy snack ideas.
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