Thursday, 20 March 2008

egg cups

My mom sent babyEbi a set of 'paint your own egg cups' which I had put in a draw to save as a 'rainy day activity' so we cracked them open and set to with the paint.
the instructions said that each colour should dry before adding the next but a certain little boy was a bit impatient the final result was OK though, I had to bake them for 30 mins to set the paint but it turned out to be a good rainy day activity, thanks mom!

once we had finished the egg cups he still wanted to do more painting so I whipped up some Easter egg shapes (rather wonky ones, don't look too close!) and he painted them in really well which surprised me.

When I was at art school I had two lecturers who couldn't be more opposite but they team taught our still life and fine art classes. The one teacher was very uptight, she dressed very conservatively and her art style was precise the other teacher was an ageing hippy with long flowing grey hair, she wore long flowery shirts and several strands of beads (I also found out at a later date that she was also a bit of a pot head). Anyway, they were forever giving us conflicting advice, the hippy was dead against colouring books saying that it restricted a child's artistic flow whereas Ms Uptight saw colouring books as a good way for a child to learn proper control of a pencil or paintbrush. Ever since I have tried to decide which teacher was right and I think now that they both were. I give Babyebi plenty of free creative art work to do but sometimes I will print off colouring pages for him too, the same can be said for projects, sometimes we will do a "cookie-cutter" craft although I try to let him to do as much as possible, I tend to do these crafts when I am trying to teach him something else with it so the craft itself isn't always the main focus. I like to let him do free-style crafts too, I think a balance of all crafts and arts is the best way forward with a developing child. What do you think?
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