Friday, 9 May 2008

New Books

I ordered a couple of books for me and Babyebi and they arrived today.
The first is Africa is not a country

Which is lovely, the book has a map of Africa at the front and then each page tells a short story about the kids who live in a certain country, the start of the book starts with kids getting up in the morning and as the book progresses so does the day. The country featured on each page is in CAPITALS so you can look at the map and find each country. It shows a great contrast in the cultures and I feel it is a good way for children to understand that not everyone in Africa lives in Kenya in a mud hut and hunts lions. My African experience only goes as far as Egypt so I can't comment on the accuracy of the stories, the pictures are nice too, enough to ask ask questions and extend discussions.
The second book is Pretend Soup a cook book for pre-schoolers.

The book has step by step pictures for little ones to follow, the recipes all look delicious, we only tried the pizza so far but BabyEbi really enjoyed making it and eating it! I am sure it will become a favourite, I can't wait to try out some more recipes.

My only gripe is that the way the book is bound makes it hard to keep the pages open, I can see it getting very grubby very quickly. I had ordered a third book but it hasn't arrived yet, more on that when it gets here.
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