Friday, 27 June 2008

Continent folders/boxes

I think like many people doing Montessori at home, space is a big problem, or more specifically, lack of it. So it has taken me quite a while to figure out what to do with the continent 'stuff' when I have finished organising I will take some photos. So far I have got colour coded folders with photos from magazines in them, Antarctic is looking a bit sparse though :o). I also intend to keep any info sheets, worksheets etc. in there.
We also have the wooden map puzzles, I don't have a rack for them as of yet and they are too big and heavy for babyebi to get out on his own. At the moment we just have the world map out, the rest are in their boxes, he sometimes ask to try one of the others. With the world map I have a basket of small animals, one representing each continent, he likes to match them up. We also have some world monument pictures that he tries to do the same with.
From my Montessori course I got some blackline masters of the continent cards so I have made those and backed them onto the colour coded card and made some other cards to use as an extension with them. Each card has a type of house, food, wildlife and people.
Now, I KNOW each continent is massive and so the photos I have used are VERY general, I am hoping they will work as a step towards to the folders, when I see that he is interested in a particular type of picture he can check the colour and I can show him how to get the matching folder out. You can download the cards here to download them...
  1. click on the file you want
  2. above the file image are some icons, click on all sizes
  3. choose which size you want, the original will be the best quality but a large file, might take a while to download.

These are the colour codes
Europe - red
South America - pink
Asia - Yellow
Antarctica - white
Australia - brown
North America - orange
Africa - green

We have a few objects from around the world and they are presently on the shelf, he likes to get one down and look at it, ask me where it is from and find it on the globe. We don't have enough things as of yet to justify cluttering the room up even more with boxes. As we have several items for the same countries I rotate the objects to keep them interesting. On the same shelf is a basket of postcards which we do the same thing with.

How do you organise your continent things? Please share your ideas. And do you have any favourite books to use with this work?

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