Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Snack Time - Choco banana milkshake

BabyEbi enjoyed making these the other day and he did pretty much all of it himself.

What you will need (makes approx 3 glasses)

1 banana
some ice cubes
2 tsp cocoa powder

I usually keep some frozen fruit in the freezer so we added half a frozen banana to this too.

*NOTE* when using the food processor/blender talk to your child about the dangers of putting your fingers inside!

First chop the banana and put into the food processor bowl

Add the ice and cocoa powder

Pour in the milk (we totally guessed how much)

Whizz in the processor until smooth

I transfer the shake into a jug so that it would be easier to pour then BabyEbi poured it into glasses.

Drink and enjoy!


  1. What a great idea. My son would love doing this. I think he would especially enjoying getting to use a knife to cut the banana.

  2. I tried this today, and my son loved it. Thanks for sharing the idea (^_^)


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