Sunday, 3 August 2008

Art Cards memory game

I used some of Ebi-kuns art work to make him a memory game for his birthday. I had already taken photos of all of his artwork so that I could make a photo book with the pictures (I will show you that when it arrives).

I bought some pulp coasters from the ¥100 shop, then measured them and made myself a template on Photoshop. I designed it so each picture would have an orange border. Then I simply re-sized each picture, or cropped when necessary and pasted each picture into the orange frame. I managed to get 8 to a sheet of A4.

Then I printed them out, 2 pages of each set. I actually printed them on to sticker paper, just because I happened to have some. I then cut and stuck the pictures onto the coasters and covered them with contact paper. I did try painting them with modge podge first but the ink ran so I ended up using contact paper instead, I'm not sure how well they will hold up, a matter of wait and see...

There are 26 cards in all (13 pairs), I was aiming for 15 pairs but some were binned due to the modge podge disaster.


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