Saturday, 9 August 2008

Art Portfolio Book

I wanted to have a permanent record of Ebi-kun's artwork without having to keep a squillion bits of paper, so a while ago I decided to make a photo book then decided to wait until his 3rd birthday so that I caould include all his art from 0-3  years.
I though I would give Blurb a go this time, I have made photo books before but haven't found a company I really like yet but I must say, Blurb it is GREAT, the software is easy to use, there is no need to wait forever for pictures to upload and there are loads of page styles to pick from. Not only that the prices are great too, so yes, they get the thumbs up from me!

So, here are some random pages for you

and finally, my favourite spread, who would have though a 2 year old did it? :o)

Ebi-kun really likes his book to and has enjoyed showing it to my cousin and mom, so if you just don't have the space to keep all those wonderful masterpieces your kiddy produces, get yourself one of these books!

Right, I am off to bed, we were up a lot last night with nose bleeds again, hopefully tonight will be a quiet one...
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