Tuesday, 19 August 2008

goodies in the post

We have had more goodies arrive in the post, first my order from paper-and-string
I just ordered a few pieces of felt, some felt ric-rac and a piece of ribbon. The reason for the order was so that I can compare her felt with the stuff I have been using from the local craft store as for the ribbon, it just looked so cute but I can't really justify buying ribbon since I know my mom has a big bundle of it that she is bringing out with her in a couple of weeks.
All the goodies were beautifully packaged, made it feel like a special gift even if I had paid for it :o)

Then at lunch time yesterday, another box arrived. This time from The Crafty Crow from the funny food contest and what a box of goodness it was! In the box was this cute Crafty Crow tote and rosette.
and inside...lots of crafty goodness, of course Ebi-kun wanted to do all of them, right then and then! Thank you Cassie, our rainy day box had been replenished (although it hasn't been so rainy we have been dipping in on 'too hot to play outside' days instead).
I managed to get the house organised yesterday and even went as far as re-organising the practical life shelf, so much so that it is now an arts and crafts shelf, hmmm. I want to get his pens and crayons on there too but haven't got suitable containers at the moment. I'll post a picture when I have finished with it all.
Ebi-kun went to practice on his new bicycle yesterday, he is really getting the hang of it now and had a lot of fun racing up and down the road with a little boy across the road, he still has to master the brakes though. Gaia arrives this afternoon but I have no idea how long she is staying, I am hoping once Gaia has been we can get back into a proper routine.

I am thinking for the next swap to do a culture swap. Each person prepares 2 packages with a cultural activities and background info to go with it. For example a UK package could contain...
  • the parts and instructions to make a Christmas cracker
  • recipe on how to make English trifle
  • instructions of how to play hopscotch
  • a CD of English children's songs/rhymes or a poem about Buckingham Palace.
  • a simple biography of a famous Brit, I would choose David Attenbough
Since usually half the people that sign up for the swaps are from the USA, I will mix it up a bit and assign each swapper with a random country to research, I figure this can be done with the kids - a way to get them involved too.

What do you think? Interested? Let me know!
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