Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Grandparents blocks

I made these for Ebi-kuns birthday, they were quick and easy to do so I think I will be making more, maybe with his friends and more family members.
First I found 4 digital photos, one for each grandparent, this was the time consuming bit because I was trying to find shots where they were looking straight on.
Then I opened all 4 in Photoshop, my blocks are 100mm x 25mm x 25mm so I resized the photos so they were 100mm.
I opened a new file 100mm x 100mm the 'cut' each of the pictures into 4 placing one strip from each picture into the new file, I did this 4 times so I have 4 new files of mixed up faces.
Printed them off onto sticker paper. Cut them out leaving a bit extra paper at one end to make it easier to place them properly on the blocks, then stuck them on. Sounds more complicated than it was!
one side matched
and of course to entertain me, mixed up grandparents :o)

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