Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Kitchen science

I am shattered, I had one of those days which seems to go on forever and I haven't stopped once all day! At some point through the day Ebi-kun and I did this cool experiment that my mom told me about.
You will need a bowl of milk, some food liquid colours, we used red, blue and yellow and a drop of washing up liquid.

First pour the milk into the bowl and add a few drops of the first food colour, let it settle
then add the second colour
and finally the third. Leave it to settle for a minute then add a drop of washing up liquid to the bowl
and watch the colours move and swirl by themselves, these pictures were all taken in the same experiment, the patterns are amazing.

You need to be quite patient because it is a bit slow to get going but once it does... so pretty!

If you want to know WHY check here :o)

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