Thursday, 20 November 2008

Montessori pincer muscler exercise

That last post seemed to have hit a chord ;o) I knew I wasn't the only one. Thank you to everyone who left a message, the great thing about it is that now I have some great new blogs to read!

Yesterday, I introduce a new activity, it is a great pincher muscles activity to strengthen those writing fingers. If you want to do it too, you will need
  • polysterene cube - make dotted shapes on each side using a marker pen
  • golf tees
  • marbles
  • pinchers
First we laid everything out on the mat. Then he pushed the golf tees into the cube on the dots that I had drawn. This was quite hard for him at first until he discovered his own technique that worked for him. I had thought about using a hammer but figured we would end up with a smashed up cube!

Once all the tees were pushed in he used the pincers to place the marbles on top of the tees, not as easy as it looks!

It looked pretty cool when it had finished. To make it more difficult for an older child you could mark the tees so they had to be pushed in to a certain height. Also specifying what colour marble should go on each tee would make it more challenging. To put it away, he basically did everything in reverse order. Pulling the tees out really worked those little muscles :o)

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