Tuesday, 11 November 2008

a morning of mathematics

Ebi-kun has been dying to get his hands on these gold beads so once I allowed him to get the tray down, that was it, he would have nothing to do with anything else - all day! I introduced the decimal system to him first and then yesterday we reviewed before getting the 1000 cubes out and adding them to what he knew. Here, he had picked 4 number cards out and was counting out the right number of beads for each card. Then I showed him how to lay the cards on top of each other so he could see how we right the number.

He grasped that idea and we spent quite some time making big numbers.
Then HE decided that he wanted to write the numbers down to show daddy, I drew some lines on a piece of paper so he could write each 4 digit number as he made it.

We spent about 2 hours doing all this oh yes, and a variation of the shopping game, where I would ask him to collect a certain number of beads 'Please fetch me 2 hundred squares, 4 ten bead bars and 7 units' etc. He can do 2 quantities without any problem but usually forgets half way through if I give him three :o). Finally it came time to clean up for lunch and he really wasn't interested so I taught him the 'sort it game' (I used to pull this trick ALL the time when I was teaching ESL). The game is to tip all the cards out and shuffle them so they are mixed up, then try and sort them into order as quickly as possible.... worked a treat!

After lunch he did one of his puzzles and had a nap then as soon as he got up he wanted to do some more bead work so I introduced the short bead stair.

I don't have the Sequin's teen boards so I will have to have a go at making them tomorrow, fingers crossed. I must say, I have been reading my manual like crazy, it is such a long time since I studied the maths folder and unlike the reading/writing program, I am not very confident with the maths, we will have to see how it goes....

Don't for get to leave a comment if you want to win the goodies ;o)
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