Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Happy New Year

to you all! Whatever you plan to do.
We are staying here this year, which means I will not have to be tortured with the traditional oseche at the in-laws, which we have to eat morning, noon and night. It does mean I have to go and face battle in the supermarket today...

We spent the WHOLE day cleaning yesterday and you know how much I enjoy cleaning. At least it is done now and I don't have to lift another duster until next year :o)

Right, I need to psyche myself for the battle of the baa-chans and their giant daikons, wish me luck...


  1. Hope you survived the supermarket!

    I took my family there today and they lost all image of Japanese people as terribly polite.


    We had a great temaki-sushi dinner though!

  2. Happy New year!
    we did virtually no cleaning for the 4th year in a row!! we just do the usual housework and I try to do bits throughout the year. we're so lazy these days. It all started when I was pregnant with Little Guy I was too tired.


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