Monday, 1 December 2008

Hurray, the advent calendar is finished!

I was still working on it at 8.30pm last night! I had made the stockings but then couldn't find anywhere to hang them but then I had a candy cane inspiration moment and turned our handrail on the stairs into a giant candy cane - well, that is what it is supposed to be LOL.

So, the candy stripe is just long strips of red and white fabric, I wrapped the whole rail in white first, it looked a big bandage, I was beginning to think it was more like Halloween. Looked better after I added the red. I made the stocking from a pattern on Martha - they are dead easy and made with felt and ribbon scraps. The number tags are Allsorts dangles, the numbers are on the back. I mixed them up so he would have to hunt for the right day ;o) And the stars I just made up to act as fillers. I have also stolen Laura's advent activity idea and added a strip of card with the days activity on it. (I have only put things in stocking 1 so far...)

I ran a piece of twine under the rail (since the rail does actually have a function) and tied the stockings to that.  Ebi-kun got up this morning and I could hear him saying "ohhh, cute, cute and beautiful" 
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