Friday, 16 January 2009

snow, snow, snow

We haven't seen a single flake much to Ebi-kuns disappointment, he is dying for it to snow, poor lad!
Yesterday we did some snowman painting

The finished artwork is now framed and on the shelf
and while he painted I made some snowflake matching cards, I used this site for the images and I made the cards here on Mrs Rileys Page Builder (thanks Shannon), I thought I would be able to download the files to share them but I can't. You can share them on the site but then I can't give credit to the owner of the pictures so this time you will have to make them yourself - sorry!
It does look like a good site and it is easy to use, maybe all us Montessori moms and teachers should get on there, make a ton of cards to share before they start charging ;o)

We also made some glitter playdoh which went down a treat, for those in Japan wondering where on earth I got my hands on some glitter - it was in the ¥100 shop in the false nail department!
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