Thursday, 5 February 2009

Chinese day part II

R-kun came for his English lesson yesterday, the first half of the lesson we work on vocab, reading and writing but mainly in the form of games. I noticed last time that R-kun's writing level is way below his reading, so yesterday I introduced writing on the line. First we practiced putting the moveable alphabet on the lines, we did the alphabet and then making sentences. We then went on to write a sentence. R-kun did a great job, Ebi-kun got his letters between the lines but the sizes of the letters were totally random, it will come with time, he is only 3 so I'm not worried, if he is happy to practice writing that is good enough for me.

R-kun is Malay/Japanese and his grandparents on his moms side are Chinese. His mom knew that we had been studying China so she bought along two outfits for the boys to wear and some Chinese snack, which was similar to mochi. So the boys set the table and they had mochi and juice for snack. Ebi-kun has been really good at trying to engage R-kun in conversation by asking him lots of questions.

We are not sure when R-kun will leave yet but it will be a sad day, Ebi-kun gets so excited when R-kun comes to play, they get on great despite there being a 3 year age gap.

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