Thursday, 19 February 2009

English Lesson or should that be giggles class?

R-kun came round yesterday for his English lesson, of course Ebi-kun got over excited and it took him about half an hour to actually calm down!  We played this game so that he had to concentrate which calmed him down some-what. R-kun is writing a letter on Ebi-kuns back and then Ebi-kun is writing it on the white board they did quite well to begin with but then once one of them had got it wrong it was all reduced to a fit of the giggles.
The theme of the lesson was emotions, I thought this would be a useful thing for R-kun once he moves, being able to express yourself is important and can be so frustrating if you can't get across to the other person what is wrong. One of my major gripes when I was teaching was that the kids were only taught
"How are you?"
"I'm fine thank you"
But what if you are not fine? It was a rule in my class that "I'm fine" was not a suitable answer and to help the kids get to grips with the different emotions I made some characters for the walls and matching cards, they were in my teaching box so we got them out too. 
Any ideas what they are doing?
Yup, throwing balls at the window! These sucker balls were by far the most popular 'game' in my class, I used on the white board but I don't happen to have one at home so the window had to make do.

I stuck the characters on the outside of the window, heaven know what the neighbours thought :o). The mossie screen squashed a couple of them though. The first game the boys would try and hit one and then say what it was 'I am happy', 'I am embarrassed' etc. Then I would call out something and they would have to try and hit it. Of course this was a big hit and yes, more giggles.

The boys then picked an emotion to draw and write about. R-kun did the top one, Ebi-kun drew a nice face, wrote, 'I am angry' then scribbled on the face with black crayon - more giggles.
Then it was time for a snack, I gave them senbei, cream cheese for glue and some dried fruit & veg and set them to work...

After we played some more games, they both read a book each, sang wheels on the bus, did some TPR and finished off making a fan that I downloaded from sparklebox.
Before R-kun left we gave him a present, I put some photos of them both in a cute frame and Ebi-kun drew this picture with fabric crayons then I ironed it onto a T-shirt and we stamped their names under each picture and friends. I love how it turned out. We will see R-kun again next week but I thought it might be best to give the present just incase someone is sick or the lesson is cancelled for some reason.

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