Monday, 23 February 2009

New Bag

Now in the shop, this fabric is so damn cute, I have a bit more of it but need lining fabric to go with it. I hope this goes to a good home, I don't really want to sell it but hubby says it has to go :o(
(typical bloke has no understanding of the woman's need of a 1000 bags!)


  1. We seem to have the same problem with shoes here...daddio just doesn't get that I can't get by with four pairs the way he does! :)

  2. hi :-)
    I just got THE BEST thing in the post from you...such a lovely (and kind) surprise...Thank you so much...I'm so excited I blogged about it and showed John and now i'm off to have a play :-)
    thank you millions
    love sarah x


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