Thursday, 26 February 2009

Shopping, Playing and Farewell Tears

We had a looong day yesterday. My Aussie friend who leaves at the weekend wanted to take her mom (who is visiting) to Nippori and asked if I would like to go along - as a tour guide! I really wanted to go but didn't relish the idea of dragging Ebi-kun around a load of fabric shops also R-kun was penciled in for a final playdate in the afternoon. I had a chat with Ebi-kun and we decided to go to Nippori and then have lunch on the train on the way home then we would be back in time for R-kun if he could make it. (I didn't tell Ebi-kun that R-kun was coming just in case he couldn't). We made it to Nippori just as the shops opened, I grilled Liv's mom as she is a professional designer - I wish I had prepared a list of questions! I promised Ebi-kun that if he saw some fabric he really liked I would get it for him. He found some with aliens on it!
I intended to just buy the few bits and bobs on my list but ended up with a load of stuff for the shop too - update coming up soon. I said my final goodbye to Liv, I know she will be back since her family live down the road but over this last year she has been a great friend and will be sorely missed.
We made it back home by 2.30pm, shattered,  R-kuns mom called to say they would come around 4pm so we had some quiet time. When R-kun arrived Ebi-kun was so excited, in fact over-excited, it took him quite a while, and couple of tellings off to calm down. I made the boys okonomiyaki for dinner, which disappeared really quickly, then they were back off to play. All too soon it was time to say our final farewells to Kym and R-kun, Kym has also been a great friend and was the one who encouraged me to sell the things I make in her shop, Liv was the one who pushed me to open the Etsy shop so I am indebted by their support and friendship, I will miss them both dearly. I will have to stop there or I will start sobbing into the keyboard.

On a completely different note, I whipped up this mini cushion for my mother-in-law, I didn't know when I made it that the reason older ladies in Japan like owls is because they have a symbolic meaning that is something on the lines of an owl bringing an easier life for you.

I hope she likes it. Ebi-kun is not happy because it means a trip to the post office by bike - on old bumpy roads, hurts his bum! and yes, he does have a cushion, he just doesn't have much bum cushioning (like his dad), he can have some of mine if he likes :o)
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