Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Marblizing Paper

An oldie but a goodie. I have decided to redo some of the painting projects we have tried in the past, I think it will be interesting to compare not only the results but Ebi-kuns interest and reaction to the various projects. We did this project over a year ago, I thought I had blogged about it, but apparently not! Maybe it was one of those posts that I wrote in my head :o)

You will need:
cooking oil
food colour (I am sure we used water colour paint last time)
little dishes to mix the colours
baking pan or similar with about 1cm of water covering the bottom
and somewhere to dry the work, it will be oily so be careful about the surface you leave it on.

I didn't actually measure it out but mix about 1tbsp oil with 1 tsp of food colour and use a fork to mix together so the oil and colour are better combined.

Use the droppers and drop spots of colour into the baking pan, we tried leaving the spots as they are and then mixing them up, experimentation is half the fun.

Lay the paper on the top of the water and lift out when you see the oil soaking through. We played around with different types of paper too. Some only needed a few seconds, others needed a bit longer.

Lift out and ohhh and ahhhh at the pretty colours.

I was surprised at how different each one turned out, the paper takes a long time to try and will leave an oily residue on whatever you leave it to try on, we left ours on some brown paper.

Click on the image to see them better.

This is the favourite this time, Ebi-kun had called it "The melting ice-creams"

And there is still time to sign up for the postcard swap we have got some interesting countries signed up so far but more the merrier.
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