Monday, 9 March 2009

MTD and the pink tower

We have been doing the muffin tin dinners but I find trying to a theme each week too much hard work, the reason I like the MTD is because I can just throw anything in without much thought, my only aim to to get a healthy-ish balance of foods. This week was also girls day, I had sort of forgotten about it but had picked up some girls day kamoboko - fish cake, very cute and Ebi-kun loves the stuff, I am sure he would eat the whole block if I let him.

fish shaped crackers, kamoboko, red pepper, kamoboko
tomoato, sweet rice for girls day, avocado, tomato
fish crackers, avocado, red pepper, carrot

The pink tower and brown stair haven't seen much action recently but the other day he decided to get them out. He used the photos in my manual to construct this one, he needed a bit of help on how to place the pieces but had no problem picking up what was needed next.
This one he did when I popped downstairs to get the camera, when I came back he had already got this far by himself which surprised me. I think out of all the equipment we have got, the red rods get the least amount of use, he really isn't interested in them and only gets them out if I suggest it, they don't call to him at all.
He is still very much on a language kick and hasn't touched any of the math materials since before Christmas, I sometimes wonder whether I should do a presentation or introduce him to something new or just leave it until he fancies doing some. For the teachers that read this, what do you do if you have a child that avoids one area for an extended length of time?
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