Saturday, 27 June 2009

Made It Back

To the UK!

We had a fab time in Barcelona, I took at least a squillion photos, so I will be boring you will them all later LOL.

Now I am on a mission to fit everything into the suitcase to bring home, I thought I was doing alright until my brother bought Ebi-kun a microscope set, which is great and not very heavy but it is quite bulky in it's case. hmmmm

Ebi-kun has developed a cough so between that and his wriggling I have very little sleep over the last few days, i am looking forward to crashing into my own bed in a few days time.

right, off to wrestle with the suitcase...


  1. Hi Jo, Glad you had a great trip to Barcelona. Looking forward to seeing some photos. We've just come back from Paris and the weather was glorioua, hope it was nice for you too. xx

  2. Can't wait to hear all your stories and pictures ;)

  3. Hope the mister gets better fast - no fun traveling sick, I tell you! And best wishes with the packing...


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