Friday, 7 August 2009

just a quick hello

We were out early yesterday, blueberry picking and then we went to the big park to paddle and play, it was a lovely day out and we came home with 2.6kg of blueberries - I have just realised that it the same weight Ebi-kun was when he was born!
I was feeling inspired when we got home so I made fresh basil pesto using basil from the garden and a blueberry crumble 0hhh yum, we just polished off the last bit for breakfast :o)

and today is going to be a long one, we are going to summer sonic, The Enemy are playing so Ziggy got us guest passes - can't wait, I can't remember the last time I went to a big music festival and to be honest they all seem to blend into one anyway LOL. I am bummed that I only have my camera phone grrrrr

I have just noticed my visitor counter has gone over 100,000. I really can't believe it and 142 countries - amazing. I had planned to do a giveaway but I still have one open, maybe I will throw in a surprise at the end....

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