Friday, 11 September 2009

A bit of this and a bit of that!

This post is a bit of a jumble, a bit of a waffle if you like.
Wednesday, I took Ebi-kun to Nippori with me, a brave act but he was really well behaved and helped me find what I needed. The shops were not very busy and it ended up being a great tactile experience, he went along feeling all the different types of fabric and explaining how they felt or comparing them to things from home. It turned out to be a successful trip and I managed to get everything on my list. Before we left, I took Ebi-kun into the bargain basement, where the rolls of fabric are ¥100 a metre ($1/ 65p) and told him to pick which one he liked, but it has to be light weight. He choose this one with tigers all over it, I splashed out and got 4m. When we got home I cut it in half and sewed it together to make a square, added some loops of elastic on the corners and hemmed the edges. Took about 15 minutes all in all. And now he has a tent making sheet.

Here is Sir Ebi-kun (as he likes to be addressed) in his new castle with some essential knightly reading - living in space and a book about clownfish. ¥400 well spent!

A couple of days ago I read Meg's post about her crafting shelf collapsing and then One Pretty Thing did a round up of lovely crafty rooms - so I thought I would share my space.....

It is actually the kitchen work top and so I have to clear it all up to do dinner, I think I spend more time setting up and cleaning up than I do actually sewing!

I am working on a great project at the moment, it has really got my imagination going and I am also in the midst of putting together a rocket-bag pattern, a simplified version of the original. I will be needing pattern testers at some point.

Then, totally un-related. Ebi-kun got his play-doh out yesterday, we keep the dough in tupperware type boxes, he opened the first, then the second one he asked me why it had changed colour, when I went over to see, this is what was inside. Yup, mold, but quite pretty mold don't you think? Obviously the lid hadn't been put on properly - oh well.

And there we have it, a messy, mold, tenty type of post - I did warn you :o)


  1. I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one to come across 'science projects' lurking in cupboards - that mold looks as thought it might actually be breathing!

  2. I'm so glad that you are putting together a rocket bag pattern! I would be happy to be a pattern tester for you if you still need someone. I've been a pattern tester once before for and it was a good experience.

  3. my work space is our kitchen table and i too feel like ittakes me longer to set up and clean up, maybe someday we will have a set space....but until then my sewing machine will be moved back and forth.

  4. If only each shopping trip to Mommy's favorite store could be segued into a Montessori experience.
    I use my kitchen table too, so I'm hearing you on the set up / clean up dilemma.
    (I used to post here from the account with Montessori From Scratch, but I'm switching to my more general homeschool blog (which is also the one I tweet from). MFS will still be used though.)


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