Tuesday, 29 September 2009

A Box Of Goodies and a giveaway

The other day, this large box arrived. It turned out that it was from my husbands sister-in-law's mother. It is full of fabric from her mother's house. The mother's mother passed away several years back, she was a seamstress and dealt in fabric and notions and when they were sorting out her things they came across these bits and bobs and decided to send them to me! Yippee.

There was quite a lot of fabric, I am not entirely sure what most of it, some of it is the fabric used for yukata and kimono.
and there are some random prints and quilted fabric
Then a big pile of this bleached fabric, apparently she used to bleach the fabric and then hand dye it, the red and blue is hand dyed. I have already had a play with some of this, it is great for stamping on :o)
and then there is this, I am making an educated guess that it is the fabric used for the lining of kimono sleeves, a Japanese friend came round and I asked her what she thought it was and she said the same thing. I also have some old kimono's that my SIL gave me a couple of years back, they were all damaged a little so she gave me them to cut up and use. hmmm what to do with it all.
Would you like some? A surprised, mixed bag of Japanese vintage fabrics? If you would, leave a comment telling me what you would you do with this box of goodies and I will pick a winner next Tuesday the 6th. If you tweet or blog about it come back and leave another comment telling me you have done so, this will ensure you get another entry.
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