Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Halloween Finger Food

We had our playgroup Halloween party on Saturday. One of the members organized it at their home, well the park in front of their house and talked some of the neighbours into doing the Trick and Treat bit for the kids.

It was great fun, sadly I didn't get many pictures since the battery ran out on my camera. Ebi-kun loved it and wanted to do it all again the next day!

When we have playgroup events, it is usually a potluck party which is great because we get such a mixture of foods. I did forewarn everyone that I would be taking fingers and eyeballs but sooo many people told me after, that they thought I was joking - as if I would joke about such a thing!

So, just in case your supermarket is all out of fingers, here is a quick tutorial or is it a recipe? to make your own. Check out the Fast & Fun Ghoulish Halloween Treats ebook for more revoltingly good ideas!

You will need:
Wiener sausages, I like the mini ones, they look more like tender kids fingers rather than grizzly adult ones.
White onion

Cut a small section off the top of the weiner, this is where the nail will go

Then make 3 small cuts halfway down, this will be the knuckle

Cut the onion into thick slices, then cut the slices into slightly triangular pieces, pop the onion and weiners into boiling water for a few minutes. As they boil the fingers will bend slightly.

Dip the bottom of the sausage in the ketchup, then put a little ketchup on the wiener where the nail with go, add a piece of onion and you are done! Pop them in mini cupcake wrapper if you want to get fancy!

Last year I used yellow pepper for the nails, the onion was easier. You could use green pepper for monster fingers. 


I have put together my favourite Fun & Fast Ghoulish Halloween Treats into an ebook so you can whip them up at anytime (why just serve ghoulish food at Halloween?)
17 absolutely disgustingly delicious treat ideas...

All fast and fun to make
All pretty healthy, made from kitchen basics
Most of them suitable to make with the kids too

PLUS a bonus labels pack too!
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