Sunday, 4 October 2009

Of sharp knives and tools

Ebi-kun has been pestering all week to make his own stamp, not design it so I can carve it, no, he wanted to carve it himself. I was somewhat hesitant because the tool I use is VERY sharp and I really didn't fancy a trip to the ER. Eventually, I agreed and before I could even get all the kit out, he was standing there with his design in his hand!
We went through the process together, and I had to help with the small parts but I was impressed, I was impressed on how he listened to what I said, I was impressed that he didn't decide to do three laps of the kitchen mid-way through and I was impressed that he showed a new level of maturity. Now I am wondering why I was so hesitant.

Well, one sharp tool led to another. Later in the day he was helping in the kitchen, chopping veg using his dinner knife. He was really struggling because the knife isn't very sharp. So, I got out a chopping knife, sharpened it and gave him a lesson in chopping. I showed him how to tuck his fingers in and how to use the knife correctly, he listened the proceed to chop up all the veg he could lay his hands on. I have a new kitchen hand.
I sent this picture to daddy-ebi (via the mobile phone), he nearly had heart failure, when he came home he asked Ebi-kun about it, Ebi-kun replied that it was fine and look, he still had all his fingers, holding them up to show him :o)

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