Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Reading - can you help?

Ebi-kun's reading has come on so much in the last couple of months, he seemed to be on the 3 letter words, phonic type books for quite an age then suddenly he is flying. From my teaching days I have the first 5 sets of OUP's Story Tree books, he is set to start level 5 today. He is really enjoying these stories and because they are levelled and the stories are related to the previous book he can't wait to get his hands on the next book. Whatever he picks up he will attempt to read, and he is doing a pretty good job, the only downside is that his writing skills are not as good as his reading now.
We will soon be through the level 5 of story tree, probably by next week, so what I need is are some recommendations please. He is not quite up to chapter book reading yet so we could do with something to bridge between. We don't have an library with English books so it is really hard for me to judge the level of the book just by looking at them online.
Any help, much appreciated.
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