Thursday, 26 November 2009

Brooch Kits Now Available as PDFs

A about a year ago a friend of mine asked me to do a brooch making workshop and I got and bit carried away and came up with about 10 different designs. As well as the workshop I also made up a pile of kits to sell in her shop, as much as I like making new patterns, I don't enjoy making up the kits, so after the first couple of batches I didn't bother making anymore, I have a few left and they are in the shop.
Then, a couple of days ago, a reader contacted me and asked if I would consider selling her just the Snowchild pattern as a PDF, I had a look at the files and realised it wouldn't take me too long to convert them to PDF's.
So, now I have a range of PDF brooch/decoration patterns available on my website, you can buy them here.
Some of them are also bilingual English/Japanese - added bonus :o)
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