Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Cosy Slippers Tutorial

My slippers died, they were so warm and cosy and I couldn't find another pair like them, so I made some! They were super easy to do, although working with that fluffy stuff was a bit of a pain, I recommend polar fleece instead and I used felt for the outer of the slipper but you could use fleece there too.

For a pair of slippers, download the body here and the sole here.
The pattern is for a UK4/ Euro 37/ Jp 23 and includes seam allowances. I haven't figured out how to scale pattern sizes yet sorry! As they are slippers they should be OK for those a size bigger or smaller that a UK4. If anyone knows how to scale patterns properly, I would love to learn how!

You need to cut
felt outer main body: 2 pieces then flip the pattern over and cut 2 more
fleece inner main body: 2 pieces then flip the pattern over and cut 2 more
fleece inner sole: 2
Felt (2mm thick) sole: 2
You also need co-odinating thread, pins and fabric glue.

These are all the pieces you need for one slipper, so you should have 2 sets like this.
1. Place the top felt pieces right sides together and stitch along the straight edge. repeat with the fleece inner. When they are opened up they should look like this.
2. With right sides together, place the fleece inner on top of the felt outer and pin together. Sew along the inside arch from A to B.

3. Open up the slipper and lay it flat like the image below, now stitch the heel from A to B.
4. Now you need to attach the sole. Start with the inner sole, right sides together and align the sole toe with the body toe, pin the sole in place, moving towards the heel, when you reach the heel pin the other side of the sole, starting at the toe again. Stitch all the way round.
5. Repeat step 4 but using the felt sole and the outer body of the slipper. IMPORTANT, you need to leave a 2-3" gap so that you can turn the slipper the right side out.
6. Turn the slipper right side out, you might need to use a blunt end of a chopstick to push it all through. Sew up the hole with invisible ladder stitch, if you don't know how to do it, there is a great tutorial here.
Finally paint some fancy pattern on the bottom of your slippers with fabric glue to make them less slippy.

Wait until they are dry then go and strut around the house!
Or rustle a few pairs up for Christmas gifts. Make as many pairs as you like for friends and family but do not sell items made from this pattern or re-distribute the pattern before asking permission first.

If you do make some, let me know, I would love to see them!

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