Sunday, 1 November 2009

Halloween Muffin Tin Dinner

Yesterday we had a couple of friends over to play, so I decided to make a special lunch :o)
Originally I was going to make each kid a muffin tin of their own but then I wasn't sure what our guests would eat so I made it into more of a muffin tin buffet.

If you want to know what everything is, pop over to Flickr here and roll your mouse over the image, it has notes.

We had a few leftovers and Ebi-kun asked for a spooky dinner, so this is what he had. We had run out of tombstones so he had veggies to dip and I made some cobweb pancakes, and yes the milk is green, he wanted a green spirit so I added some melon syrup, usually used on shaved ice.
So, it is down with the decorations today, Ebi-kun is not impressed, he likes having bats flying over his head at dinner time and ghosts in the genkan!
Tomorrow is a big day, it is Daddy-ebi's birthday and registration day the yochien.
If I am lucky I might get some mommy time over the next couple of days to get some work done, I have two patterns with half written instructions and a sketch that needs making into a pattern....
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