Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Our new favourite book

I spotted this in the book store the other day, and you know how I am a sucker for a book with beautiful illustrations. It is a puzzle book and also a gallery!
Each page is designed by a different artist and the styles of the pictures are completely different. Each double page had a picture printed twice BUT there are 7 small differences on each page.

This is Ebi-kuns favourite page but it is also the most difficult, we still haven't found all the differences on this page!
All the illustrations are based on Christmas, it really is a very cute book and Ebi-kun has spent several hours already studying it. I think it will be a perfect book to put away after Chritsmas, ready to do it all again next year.
The book depository doesn't stock it but here is the ISBN in case you want to track a copy down 978-4-426-80591-3 and it is called Christmas Gallery.
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