Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Antarctica MTD

I couldn't get everything into muffin liners so it is a sort of MTD!
From the top we have...
a leopard seal (bread with tuna may0) eating little dried fish (how bad do they stink?)
penguin (bread with black sesame paste) on meringue icebergs eating carrot fish
at the bottom there is a killer whale (bread and black sesame paste) chasing carrot fish
the pot in the middle has hijiki seaweed and the other little fish in the pot are apple.
The drink is mixed fruit juice with a splash of food colour and icebergs.
He was funny eating this, he was making up a story as he ate then he bit the leopard seals head off and said, "well that will stop you eating anymore penguins, won't it?" Lol, he thinks leopard seals are badies :o)

For more muffin tin fun, pop over here.

I found a SUPER easy way to make meringue, mix together 300g of icing sugar and an egg white, pop 3 balls on the mix on parchment paper on a microwave safe plate, zap on high for 1-2 mins. Done. It is a great one for the kids to do and the meringue puffs up when cooking so it is cool to watch too.
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