Thursday, 25 March 2010

I knew it...

mom's just know don't they, it is like a special mom sense or something. Wednesday we were out on the street playing with the other kids but Ebi-kun didn't seem himself, couldn't put my finger on it, he just wasn't 'right'. Yesterday morning he was off his food, he had a bit of pasta for lunch then started complaining of tummy ache and a sore throat which was soon followed by vomiting and a fever. He slept in with me last night, I say he slept because I didn't get a wink of sleep. He is currently snuggled on the sofa watching TV, there is something great about snuggling on the sofa when you are sick isn't there? Hopefully it is one of the 24 hour bug things.


Have you ever wondered what Japanese kids have for school lunch (if they don't take their own fancy bento)? Well, it's not sushi and whale every day that is for sure. A friend posted a link to kyuushoku's blog on FB and I thought you might be interested too, he works at 4 different elementary schools and post pictures of the school lunches

photos by Kevin McHugh
At my elementary school, the food was prepared at the middle school and bought up to the village in big heated containers. Every day was a variation on meat and two veg plus potatoes, I remember having shepherds pie, toad in the hole, lobby (a local version of beef stew) and once a week we would have chips (fries). We would also get a pudding often some traditional stodgy English pud with custard and the custard came in different colours, pink, yellow or green! I imagine these days the menu is a bit more diverse and the puddings a wee bit healthier.
What kind of food to kids have in elementary school where you are?
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