Friday, 26 March 2010

Rockin' Spring Chick...

We made this little rockin' chick yesterday, easy to do and you probably have everything you need lying around the house.

What you need:
construction paper - we used yellow and white but you could always use just white and colour them in.
empty tin a tuna can works well, that sort of size.
lump of clay/plasticine/blutak
double sided sticky tape

1. Draw around your can then cut out the circle.

2. Cut the top of the circle so it looks like a cracked open egg.
3. Draw round the can again but on yellow card, the circle just acts as a guide so you can see how big to draw your chick, his head and wings should be out of the circle. Cut out your chick and add the facial features.
4. Using double sided sticky tape, stick the chick to the can.
5. Then use a bit more tape and stick the egg on top.
6. Use a lump of clay or similar and stick it to the bottom on the inside on the can. (playdoh will dry out so not the best choice if you plan to keep this more than a day or so)
7. Give him a nudge and watch him rock.
A note about using cans/tins please be careful of sharp edges, if little ones are going to be making/playing with this I recommend putting tape over the edges of the can.

Since we are all about chick today, don't forget that you can download my free spring chick pattern here.
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