Sunday, 11 April 2010

After the opening ceremony....

so here is the rubbish part. We went for lunch, got out a DVD to watch and had a nice chilled out afternoon. Around 5.30pm Ebi-kun started complaining of a stomach ache, first we thought he might just need the toilet but that didn't work. Soon he was screaming in pain so off we go to the local paediatrician, he decided it was stomach flu, apparently it is going around, prescribed him some pain killers and other meds for the bug.
We go home, give him the meds, after half an hour of screaming he falls asleep. Wakes up about 20 minutes later and the screaming starts again, the pain killers obviously weren't working, I am suspicious that it isn't the flu, the pains started too quickly, no fever and he had been genki all day, so we decided to take him to the big hospital. By this time the pain had moved from the right to the left, I am thinking ohhh no appendicitis! The doc takes a look at him, and sends us off for an x-ray. Good news, no appendicitis but he is badly constipated, blocked all the way up. This takes me by surprise, we have had problems of this nature before but recently he has been going to the toilet everyday.
I'll skip the revolting parts, we were given more meds, told to not take the previously prescribed ones and he made it to bed around midnight. The next morning was supposed to be his first day proper but we decided to keep him at home. I didn't want him to have an 'accident' on the bus and have his first day a traumatic one and we had no idea what kind of effect the meds would have. He is OK now, we are encouraging him to drink more and cutting down on the dairy products, he gets plenty of fruit and veg and loves All Bran. If anyone has any good fibre rich recipes they would like to share, I am all ears.
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