Wednesday, 7 April 2010

and the saga continues....

yes, the yochien saga. We went to the explanation day yesterday where we were given yet another big pack of papers, sat for an hour whilst they explained it all, I understood about 10% of it all. There was another list of bits and bobs that we need to get WHY couldn't they put it in the first lot so you can get everything in one go? They do this hoo-haa every year they could just put everything in together grrrrr. I understand that things like the bus schedule being more of a last minute thing but all the rest? So at least we know what time his bus will arrive, 7.53am at the door but because the bus door is on the other side, we have to stand on the other side of the street and wait for it! He hasn't had his class cap yet but we are hoping it will be green, Ebi-kun is adamant that he will not be having a pink cap, luckily a friends kids went to the same yochien so I am pretty sure he won't get pink, phew!
We also met his sensei (teacher) and given the yearly schedule, it is not surprising that few yochien moms work, it would be virtually impossible to find a proper job to fit the schedule - unless you worked at the yochien! Ebi-kun had fun though, whilst we were being tortured in the main hall he was off with the other kids playing in the sand pit. It is a great sandpit, massive and they have wheelbarrows and proper spades instead of little plastic shovels and buckets.
There are lots of cherry blossom trees in the yochien grounds it looks so pretty. This is a shot of the shrine, when the kids arrive in the morning, they have to go and say a prayer and thank the god. They also have to go to the veg patch and thank the gods there for the food and then to the resident parrot to thank the animal gods.
We are not a religious family but I do like the way that respect for all things is expected of the kids. So we are off to buy the missing items today and to get his polio vaccination - what a fun day...
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