Thursday, 8 April 2010

bags, bags and more bags.....

Well, I think we are ready, all the bags made, everything labelled with his name, class and his own button or sticker. I think this post will have different effects on people, those who have already been through it will probably be sitting there with a big smirk on their face, knowing that they have already survived the madness. Those that are not in Japan will be shaking their head in disbelief and those in Japan who have yet to encounter the yochien experience will either pack up and move overseas or vow never to have kids!

Shall we begin?
So, the first 3 bags are kept together and so they have to be the same size but different fabrics so that the child can easily pick up the right bag, they have to have only one drawstring.
The first one contains these plastic shaped pieces, each piece has to have his name and sticker on it.

This is his ohajiki bag, they are like flat marbles and yes, every one (all 77 of them) have to have his sticker on.

This stripy number is the harmonica bag, needs a gauze to clean it with.

This is bento set, these have to be the same fabric design, a bag for his cup, another for his bento box & chopsticks/spoon (this bag has to have two drawstrings) and 3 napkin/mats which have to be a specified size to fit on the tray. Of course, everything must have his name and button or sticker on it.

This is the cup and toothbrush bag, this must be different fabric and cup design to his bento cup (are you bashing your head on the wall yet?)

This is the renraku bag, everyday(?) bag. This and the library bag were specified sizes and should be made from the quilted fabric, the other bags are NOT to be made of quilted fabric. This also needs to have the word γ‚Œγ‚“γ‚‰γin big letters on the front plus name, class and button. They are allowed a good luck charm on the bags but only one per bag, I made some cute little felt knights ;o)

So, this one is the library bag, this also needs an inside pocket of a certain size and a hoop for his library card. This bag has to be a different design to the renraku bag!

I designed the fabrics and printed them on spoonflower and Ebi-kun decided which fabrics to use for which bags. We still have quite a bit left so expect to see it in future projects, if you are interested in buying some drop me a line, I haven't put it out for general sale yet because I want to work of some other colourways.

Anyway, here he is with all the gubbins that he needs with the exception of his class cap that we will get tomorrow.

He is wearing his hat, coat and standard yochien bag, he has another bag for his slippers, yes, they have his name and button on too. He has a smock for summer and a long sleeved one for winter and wears shorts all year round. So the things in the above picture that I haven't already gone over are... a skipping rope, castanet, crayons (each one with name and sticker), tissue pack, magnifying glass, 2 white towels, his personal towel, 2 cleaning towels, hankie, raincoat and the kitchen sink.
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